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  1. PM’s through this site work fine if you cannot find the Facebook page. Alternatively there is an Australian selling site called Gumtree that I list these on. thanks
  2. Not anymore, but still feel inclined to offer a product that doesn’t exist anywhere else.
  3. You can message me through Facebook Jatco Shift Kit page. Or send me you PayPal address and I can send a request that way. Thanks
  4. Sending a lot of these to the states recently. I know CD/DVD’s are getting a little outdated but unfortunately USB memory sticks cost a lot more. If you would prefer these files on a memory stick instead it’ll be an extra $5AUD at this stage. Hopefully cheaper in the future.
  5. Sure thing. You can message me through the Jatco shift kit fb group, or post your PayPal address and I can send a request. Have to post another one to the US shortly anyway.
  6. It might be the image hosting site. They were uploaded over ten years ago.
  7. do you still make the bi-lok AN-10 fittings for the valve cover?? 




  8. Looking for one of your shift kit.... still have some?





    1. RB30X


      Hi. Yes still selling them all over the world. Cheers

    2. RB30X


      Hi. Yes still selling them all over the world. Cheers

  9. Posted another kit to the US today and thought I'd put a reminder here. Kits still available. Thanks
  10. Thanks for the comment. Shift kits aren't just for drag racing, they just improve the overall performance of the transmission. It is a small market. I struggled initiatially to find anyone who actual knew how to modify the jatco box. B&M sell DIY shift kits for most GM and Ford model boxes so I thought I'd develop the same thing.
  11. Just a friendly reminder these shift kits are still available. Thanks
  12. heres my email addy:wsharp@mcmedia.com.au

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