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  1. I've contacted a few users that posted heads for sell to find out that they have already been sold, now its WTB time lol. I'm looking for a head that needs little if no machine work done, if possible I would love to find something that needs a cleaning, but if you have one that needs a little work please hit me up. Thanks: Casey S.
  2. I'm looking for a head for my 78 280z. Hit me up if you have what I'm looking for, thanks!
  3. Dang! i was really holding my breath on that cam too. I though atlanticz was good source for info http://www.atlanticz.ca/zclub/techtips/cam/index.htm
  4. Ok I have a 1978 280z that i'm just trying to get back on the road. the head that was on the engine when i got it is trash, it is cracked between the intake and exhaust valves on all cylinders. I know that this can be fixed (if the cracks aren't too deep) but my sisters ex boyfriend pulled out the exhaust liners when the car was hers. I have an E88 head off of a 1974 260z. I know the static compression ratio is going to be slightly lower if i use the E88 head on the N42 block, due to the smaller valves, and dished pistons, but the cam that's in the E88 head is marked "C" which my research shows it to be NISMO which will raise the dynamic compression ratio. I know the e88 head is going to need the fuel injector holes drilled as well as a few intake manifold bolts. i know that i'm going to need to make a block off plate for the mechanical fuel pump, and i plan on using the exhaust manifold off of the 260z. I would like to just get my baby back on the road, i would like to be able to get the larger 280z valves installed before i get it back together, but i just need to get it back and running. before i realized the original head was cracked i purchased some valve guide seals for it. will the valve guide seals for the N47 work on the E88? If i goofed on anything or you have something to add please chime in =) thanks, Casey
  5. I know that it can be done, but you have to install a functional check engine light, i know that it needs to have all the smog equipment, then it gets check over by a referee... then it gets a new VIN, and your stuck trying to find a decent price for insurance anyhow to my question: has anybody done a LS1 (or modern EFI V8) conversion that's SMOG legal in California?? I'm just wondering how much of a headache its going to be to go to a referee? who knows by the time I get an ls1 swapped in it might be a no smogger
  6. that's awesome! did you build that header?
  7. I posted a thread the other day describing myself, car, and intentions. I got an E-mail (electronic mail) letting me know that I had a respond to my original thread, when I went to check my thread and I was shocked to find out that my thread was locked???? I was informed that I was in violation of rule 11, & 5..... I'm sorry that my spelling isn't 100%, I never realized how particular some gear heads could be about spelling, grammar, and punctuation...
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