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  1. Yea i been trying to locate him for the last few days. All i have found is records from his commercial piloting. I didnt even think about getting a pic of the car in japan! That would b great. Now the hunt begins! Thanks for all the help people!
  2. HS30-H, Thank you. I learned alot from that. It also helps me confirm the story. Keep the info coming people. I like what i see so far.
  3. I personally think they let him have one before they put it on the boat. I would like to know if there is record for the sale or another shipping manifest.. i dont know what channel to use for any of this.
  4. No. LHD. I was told it was ordered LHD because he planned on shipping it stateside. Sorry that i didnt clarify that detail.
  5. hey everyone, i am looking for information regarding my '71 Z. i puchased the car 3 years ago and when i bought the car the previous owner gave me the history of the car. i would like to confirm his story if at all possible. this is what i was told. in 1971 a member of the U.S Airforce purchased the car while staioned in japan. he kept the car over there the whole time he was staioned in japan. after that he had the car shipped to the states and sold it to a military friend afterwards. his friend had the car until the day he died. his wife stored it in the barn until the guy i purchased it from found it. now i do have what i believe to be the original owners manual and on the inside cover the information reads that the car was purchased in Kadena Okinawa Japan. i dont remember the address off hand. the VIN# does match the book.(all typed in English) i do have a few of the 2nd owners registration papers and the car does have stickers for an AF Base in Maine and San Diego. it also has a sticker for the Dept. of Defense.( i dont know if any of that helps but you never know.) in all honesty i dont care much about the middle part of the story, i would really like to know if the car was purchased in japan and was driven on japanese soil. is there any way to 100%confirm this? thanks for the help.
  6. I have a 78 that needs a fuel pump,radio, and has some rust in the usual places. I'm n ohio
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