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  1. Has anyone seen or used the Prismalab/NRG GT seat in their S30 or other models? I'm not seeing many, if any reviews in my hunts for seats to fit my build but I'm liking the look and design of them.
  2. I have looked into this before and it was on one of my budget plans. But in the long run, it would actually be cheaper to buy a fuel cell and run new hoses/fittings than to fix all the rust issues and buy a new tank.
  3. The goal is to just street it. Upgraded brakes, suspension, sound insulation, full upholstery overhaul. Make it a touring car with enough power for fun but the comfort for a long trip if we want to. The fuel cell is mostly because the rear is shot and I have to store the gas somewhere. It'll be cheaper to do a fuel cell and seal up the spare tire area than to replace the tank and metal.
  4. Recently picked up a early 76 280z as a long term project. Both the spare wheel well and the gas tank are trash from rust. I am slowly working through all of the other issues (seized brakes, body rust, etc). The previous owner installed dual webers but I want to reinstall the EFI. One big change I was planning before I realized the tank was shot is to install a 15 or 20 gallon fuel cell. I have a few questions to go along with this. To preface, I plan to run new AN fittings and braided hoses since I can't trust the old steel lines. I will be using the stock EFI, but will install the Megasquirt system in the future. 1. What is the flow rate and PSI for the stock fuel pump needed to run the EFI? 2. Would it be better to use a baffled EFI fuel cell with an in tank pump (ie Holley), then bypass the external pump? Or just use an external pump and a fuel cell with foam/wiffle balls? Thank you! I have read a lot of threads on here already, this forum is such a huge help.
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