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Arttu's 240Z Never Ready


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Catching up four year´s of building, so just scrathing the surface.


I was looked a 240Z for some time, and found one with decent prize and distance. I was already decided that i will modify it heavily, and for a cherry on the cake it was eqquipped with SR20DET.


Like many car´s first look was ok, but this wasn´t really a pearl after all. So lots of cutting and welding must done.




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Frame rail were bended and crappy already, so I cutted them away and made new with square tube.


Driver side rocker panel was toast too, and repaired before by some blind guy... :P


Bondo-Bob was visited also.


Made whole driver´s side again.





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After some repairing, I did cut little bit more, R32 subframe was tossed in. Need´s lot´s of metal to remove to achieve decent geometry with low car.


New frame rails to mount subframe too. After a week of welding looked like this.


Did some control arms too and everything seemed ok. Uprights are from Z32, because aluminium construction.


Shock tower must redone because had bought those S13´s coilovers. They were too short for the job.







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Moved to front end. Because widened rear, the front must been widens too. Made new control arms with S13 knucles and S13 coilovers from BR. Knucles swapped side to side due the steering rack. Aluminium S13-desing front hubs with 5-lug bolt circle.


And because ackerman, turning arms must been modded. Sway bar was replaced with adjustable unit.


Also front, shock mounts was done little bit different.





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Thanks for comments.


Got brakes almost ready, need little adapter for rear center and spacer for front.


Rear: Wilwood disc&hat 298x20mm, R32Gt-R caliber, R32 handbrake with shoes.


Front: Wilwood disc&hat 310x28mm, R33Gts-T caliber with aluminium bracket to suit larger disc.



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I'm afraid it's not driveable for a while. Atleast not in next summer, maybe 2016.


I must say, i have quite big expectation what comes driveability and handling. Should been good setup there: Weight, weight distribution, tracks, roll centers, etc. Everything is also adjustable.

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Little progress, roll cage. I was thinking that there is possibility of some movement on body when cornering hard etc. So why not some kind of roll cage. It´s not the safest but better than nothing. Hope get some stiffness on chassis too. This is not a race car, just a summer toy. I did´n want to make daily usage too difficult. So minimum amount of tubes on the cage. 


Btw. there is almost no snow in my yard anymore. Early spring I hope. So winter last only 4 months this year.... :P





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They are already modded at picture in post #4. Originals look like this. 


Oh I see now.  The second picture with the knuckle on the car is what threw me.  Knuckle wasn't modified in that second pic right?  So did you just cut the steering link off and swap it side to side?  They still look factory after the modification!


Do you have any pictures of the knuckles as they were being modified?  Sorry for so many requests but I am about to tackle the exact same project and your are the only person who has done the front steer conversion AND corrected for ackerman.

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 Knuckle wasn't modified in that second pic right?  So did you just cut the steering link off and swap it side to side? 

Nope and no.


Links are still on their original side. Just cut them off and tacked back. Then measuring steering rack movement and wheel angle. After one evening trying and trying again I got the right angle. After that I made some kind of jig in welding table. There was big gap, but with tig it was easy to fill. Here is some kind of photo about half-way.


Rack movement in mm   10      20      30      40      50        60


Inner wheel angle           5,5    12      18      25      32,5     40,5


Outer wheel angle          5,5     12     17     22,5    28,5     34


Here is some kind of table of wheels turning versus steering rack movement. It´s not 100% ackermann, but better than nothing.


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