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  1. datsun280zx

    build question? need help!

    Ok cool, sounds good, definitly will start doing some more searching, now having other running issues with a backfire and hesitation on deceleration. No clue what is causing it though
  2. datsun280zx

    build question? need help!

    Ok well i already picked up the t28 turbo so i could resell it and get a t3. Any idea how much a t28 would sell for? it has upgraded oil line and little to no shaft play. Would i be better off trying to find a t3/t4 ? Sorry for all the questions, and about the t3/t4 what a/r?
  3. datsun280zx

    build question? need help!

    Ok so the t28 would be to big or small? Or flange difference? As far as the fan goes I just want extra room to run piping if necessary. I probably wont run the bov for now then.
  4. datsun280zx

    build question? need help!

    Ok so im in the process of doing a small build on my 82 turbo. So far right now i have (but not installed) a intercooler setup, bov, 240sx throttle body, and soon getting a fully rebuilt t28 turbo. So my question is what else do i need? I wanted to raise my boost up to 10 psi but dont know if i need to upgrade the fuel system. Kinda new to turbo stuff so i need as much help as possible. I know i probably need a boost controller and want to get an electric fan. Thank you all for the help
  5. datsun280zx

    It's a drifted bastard 280ZX

    What size are the front and rear wheels?? Tire size? I like the look alot, keep it going
  6. datsun280zx

    Tokico ride height how does it look?

    The springs im using are the Tokico. Every time I lift the car up I have to drive around to re-seat the springs.
  7. datsun280zx

    Tokico ride height how does it look?

    Heres how mine sits with the springs and stock shocks.. love the way it sits
  8. datsun280zx

    XXR 527

    Go to nlmotoring.com they've got a bunch of xxr wheels for good prices
  9. datsun280zx

    Rare/Interesting/cool Parts Thread

    Heres some other ITBs I found while roaming the internet lol heres the site link: www.efihardware.com/products/1754/Nissan-L-series-6-cyl-pro-series-kit-with-high-performance-Japanese-manifold
  10. datsun280zx

    What is the one part

    I really want the extrudabody intake. I would love to have that intake lol
  11. datsun280zx


  12. datsun280zx

    Ideas for engine rebuild/ Performance build

    Ok so I browsed through brapps post and got an idea for somethings. Im considering doing something like this intake setup http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php?showtopic=51825 and gonna look into some computer management systems. Im also looking into converting into a distributorless ignition systems that i have an idea of what to do with that. Maybe something from here http://www.sdsefi.com/specific.html or go with a C.O.P. setup. As for the turbo setup im still trying to decide if i wanna stay n/a or turbo lol
  13. datsun280zx

    Ideas for engine rebuild/ Performance build

    Im also considering doing the turbo swap but I thought i heard that all the turbo parts can be put onto the l28e n/a? I might be wrong but I think its what I heard. Im gonna start looking into the after market ecu's
  14. So i'm planning on rebuild the engine in my car but i wanna add some performance to it too. Im not looking to do a ton of crazy things just some mild stuff. So what im thinking is: -240sx Throttle body -sx throttle body spacer from AZ z car -a mild cam regrind (260 degree(212/212 at 0.050", 0.440" lift) -and i have a full exhaust setup w/ headers and 2.5in piping I also wanted to put aftmkt. fuel rail and was wondering if the 280zx turbo injectors would be good to use with the setup i have above. Im also thinking i should probably port and polish the heads. Im just wondering if this stuff would work together or if im just making trouble for myself lol. Any input is welcome, thanks guys!
  15. datsun280zx

    Whats needed to go distributorless??

    Its mostly a weekend car that i wanna start doing some track racing, minor stuff. Im pretty good with wiring stuff but computer programs and stuff like that im not sure about. Im probably gonna keep looking into stuff