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  1. All z31 turbo crossmembers are identical to each other and all non turbo crossmembers are identical. the only changes are some cars have smaller steering rack bushing retainers. In the 30+ cars i have swapped or rebuilt i can not find a pattern.
  2. LSD and open axles are interchangeable, given your rear stub's are the correct style. the only caveat to this is the viscous units.
  3. what year car is it? If manual transmission, was it still there with driveshaft? Thanks
  4. call courtesy nissan in richardson texas, they ship worldwide
  5. I guess i don't understand, but why not just use the entire Mercedes engine? The amount of custom work here is immense, for someone to do "just because" you would need as much money in custom parts as it would cost to put in a stock 1jz-2jz or RB and make the same power/weight very cool project though, i am definitely interested in how it turns out.
  6. do it once and do it right, use a roller lifter motor with a cam and some GT40 heads. A stock 79 302 has the same power rating as the l28.
  7. they can be had new for around 3k-3500
  8. aceman85turbo

    z31 swap

    You dont know nearly as much as you think, and your misinformation hurts the z31 cause. Ill review your mod list here for 300whp Add a $50 boost controller online, DSM injectors from ebay for $130 300whp is easilly acheived for less than 1000 and completely reliable with mostly factory parts.
  9. I am fairly certain that it would be cheaper to do an aftermarket all aluminum SBF that would weigh much less and have a much greater aftermarket.
  10. Since this is an online forum, there is a possibility that his native language is not English. However my head also hurts pretty bad from those post's.
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