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  1. Interested in the Ross pistons. Is the pin height for L28 or for a stroker setup?
  2. Thanks! A 240 tank would work fine too because I'm 85% sure I'm going to put a surge tank in anyway so having the baffles or larger flow may not be as necessary. It has been a challenge but we must soldier on. I'm open to options so I'll check them out. I did not. I think people with carbed cars like them because they come baffled from the factory so it's easier to convert to EFI.
  3. Let's bump this up. Still looking for an early 280 (75-76), 260, or 240Z Gas tank. Thanks Bob
  4. For the most part done with school. Working in indy for now. Unfortunately probably moving again in late 2020 ish.
  5. I am! After a long hiatus, I now have 2 Z's, a 72 and a 73. I'm excited.
  6. Looking for an earlier 280Z (with the full size spare) gas tank. Currently located in central Indiana but willing to travel or to pay for shipping. Bob
  7. Trying to convert my 240Z to Megasquirt and would like to keep it as stock appearing as possible. Looking for an EFI Gas tank from the early 280Z with the full size spare, IIRC it's the 1975-76 cars. Located in Southern Indiana. Thanks! Bob
  8. MAG58

    2 stroke

    I never said all two strokes are valveless and since everyone has the intelligence to put in a 0.03 second search term they already know that. What is a pissing contest is jumping down my throat for stating once in that entire thread that I said ALL two strokes are valveless, which I did not. I was clearly referring to that individual engine. Unless to you with gearbox vs with is an obvious simple typographical error and the semantic It's referring to THIS engine in THIS thread and not every single two stroke ever made in the history of ever, and that your witch hunt isn't now as equally a pedantic pissing contest as my own, then whatever helps you sleep at night tony.
  9. MAG58

    2 stroke

    It does in this engine's case. Unless you want to count the reed valve packs. Still not enough to add up to 900lbs. But you already knew that. Just dense for density's sake.
  10. MAG58

    2 stroke

    What? You're telling me a 2-stroke, 3.6L V8 weighs as much or more than an all cast iron 5.9L Cummins and near, or double the weight of an all cast iron 350 chevy even though it's missing the entire valve train? I'm going to need some more proof there.
  11. Long block is about the same size as an L28, I have it's gas counterpart sitting next to one. The 300ZX trans will not bolt up to it and you'll need an adapter if you want to go that route. MBZ made some manuals that will fit: the 717.410/.411 from the cosworth, the 717.430 from the 300E and 190E 2.6 and the 6MT from the later cars which used a 2.3L M111 engine. Additionally the gearboxes from the 2.7L Diesels across the pond will fit. If you go with a 6MT in a 240Z you'll probably want a 717.663/.668 which would probably hold 450-500whp assuming you don't regularly launch the car on drag slicks, cossie dog leg a little less. Flywheel requirement will be gearbox dependent. The Factory FI turo manis suck except for a rare non EGR 603 mani, so otherwise you'll be on your own building one. If you want to go 606 route you'll want an OM603 Turbo M pump, as those do not require the computer and have the turbo ALDA. Non turbo 606's can make 3-400 (IIRC) hp when boosted as well (smaller rods), but they also have better cams if you want to snag some for your turbo 606. Additionally all the engines are front sump, although the W140 is a sort of mid sump deal that might clear the cross member. The M104 oil pain might fit, otherwise you'll have to go fishing in europe for a pan, or make your own.
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