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  1. Ok, well I got it figured out. I just checked all the electrical connections and dried em out with the help of a compressor and now she runs just fine.
  2. Ok, so I decided to wash my car today. About an hour later I got in my car and found out that for whatever reason I cant rev past 2k. It acts like its regulating it there. I cant figure out why it is doing this. I doubt that I got water in a cylinder. And the only other thing I can think of is that I shorted my ECU or something else. Would anybody mind helping me figure this out?
  3. Ok, but still would that 300zx dash fit in the 280zx? Also would I have to make any modifications to put one in or will it still take all the same wiring that I have for my original dash?
  4. I was at a salvage yard yesterday and saw an amazing 300zx. The interior was still intact and most of the engine seemed good but what really caught my eye was the digital dash that it had. I haven't seen one of them before and started wondering if it is possible to put it into my 280zx. Is it possible and if so what modifications would have to be made to do this. Picture of dash:
  5. Wow, I feel really stupid now... This has been annoying me for like the last 2 months and it was something so simple. I figured out that it was pointing to low windshield washer fluid. Turns out that my sensor broke
  6. Hey, The light that goes the the engine check when you turn on the car has been staying red for me. I have tried looking this up everywhere and I cant find out why it might be doing this. If anybody knows what my problem is I would greatly appreciate it. Edit: Forgot to say, it's a 83 280zx. Here is a picture of what I am talking about: Thanks for the help.
  7. Thanks Jamal, You have seen this before. A while back I came over to your place with a friend and got a few parts from you.
  8. This is my 83 280ZX. Soon to be painted. pictures were taken just this morning.
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