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  1. Need a voltage regulator for my 77' 280z near denver, Or a Alternator from an 82 280ZX. Know it's a long shot but i need it!
  2. so I have my 280z at the mechanics and they called this norning and said the reason my car wouldn't start was the altenator and a bad wiring harness, they want to charge me 300.48 to fix it but can the altenator really keep the car from starting? It ran fine the night before then the next moring it almost cranked up but sputtered out then wouldn't crank again just turned over really slow once or twice. The battery meter in car was showing 14ish when I went to start it dropped to 4 or so. I got it to start one with a jump but after turning it off and trying to restart without it wouldn't start. And it would never start with a jump again. Am I getting ripped off? ;(
  3. The car would always turn over a few time before it would start up, so today i go to start it and it turns over a few times makes then acts like it's going to start up then dies immediately (which has happened before i just try to start again and it starts right up) Then i try to restart it and it just turns over slower and slower until it won't do anything at all. if it sits for a while it will turn over a little bit maybe once then nothing. Which sounds like a power problem. The in dash volt gauge says around 13v and the radio / lights all work and are not dim.
  4. just not worth it to put the money into it. Anything over 1000 is more then i paid for the car. Which was a hell of a deal since nothing is broken on it, the only thing wrong with the entire car is the rust and paint. The Driverside dogleg is crappy and holes in the back passenger fender the floorboards are fine and the battery tray is fine. The rest is just surface rust that needs to be sanded down. I would LOVE to get all the rust taken care of and have it painted up all nice. It's just not cost efficient. I have been shopping around and it's just way out of my price range.
  5. Not trying to get money back, the rust isn't an issue as much as paint chipped to bare metal making it look horrible.
  6. When i look at my engine it has two pipes that go into one exhaust pipe, will a 6-1 header still fit it?
  7. Site had an error and double posted here.
  8. If i were to prep it myself, sanding all the surface rust off, the chipped paint etc would i have to get every piece of paint off on the entire car, or just the bad spots? How hard would this be. Honestly i could care less about the rust holes, there is one on the fender and one under the car. Honestly the car cost me next to nothing and it's not worth putting more then 1000 dollars into.
  9. Trying to shop around for some body work for my new Z and the prices i get are way different. How much did you pay for your paint / rust removal? I'll post some pictures just in case you want to know what i'm working with, My Fender My door Below windshield My dogleg below tailights The front side There is not a lot of rust, most of it is surface, the paint that's on it is chipping off and is getting surface rust. Whoever had it before me (i just bought it) got the cheapest / worst possible paint job on it. Just want to get it cleaned up so it won't rust further.
  10. Just got my first Z after years of wanting one it's a 77' 280z completely stock A few questions : 1. Eventually i will put a new exhaust on the car because it makes almost no noise atm. What would be the best way to go for the best sound / best value. I want it to be loud, but not ricey. But not loud enough to annoy me inside the car. 2. There are what i think exhaust smells inside the car. It's not that big of a deal atm but after a one hour drive my clothes kinda smelled like exhaust.
  11. Leaving for the shine and show now, hope to see some of you there
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