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  1. ok so, i tried running the power to the batt. side of the ign. switch, and ran power to the volt gauge. im charging at about 10-11. but only when i rev the motor like you said, to excite the alternator. but still wont charge past 11 volts. any other ideas? P.S. sorry if i sound repetative, just really wish i could get this car running. thats the only thing i have left to figure out.
  2. it does test for that, and the alternator tested good. so i guess what the next question is, is since i dont have a wire harness, should i just wire it to the light and then to a fuse that goes to the acc, stud on the ignition switch? cuz thats how my fuse block is wired. straight from the acc side if the switch.... hmm any thought?
  3. yeah i know what the light is, but the wire melts no matter what i connect it to. the laternator is brand new, but im going to bring it to work tomorow and throw it on the tester just to make sure.
  4. i believe it is L and that makes sense because the car ran for a while yestarday with the wire disconnected while i was revving the engine. but id like to know where it goes so i dont have to worry about it. since i dont have the factory wire harness and an aftermarket ignition its hard to find a home for the other end of this wire. any ideas?
  5. im looking for a few small int. parts, i need to find the passenger side kick panel, the driver side pillar cover, and both side arm rests for the doors. do you still have any of them?
  6. what do u mean disregarded? my alt. wont charge with out them
  7. heres a better pic of what im talking about
  8. i have the FSM and it told me to wire it to the ignition switch, and the wire still burnt up on me.
  9. sorry for the poor description. here are a couple pics, not very good ones but maybe they will help a little bit. i took pics of the T connector so u can see what im talking about. its the only plug on the alternator. one wire from the T connector goes to the batt. but the other one is a mystery. Ive been told it goes to the ignition switch but i tried that and it didnt work...
  10. im pretty much done rewiring my 81 280zx because the guy i bought it from was an idiot and cut out all the wire harness'. but im having problems with the alternator. one of the wires comming from the T connector is not wired up. when i got the car it was wired to the battery, but about 2 days after i got the car it melted on me and almost cought on fire. can anyone tell me where it is suposed to go?
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