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  1. cant wait to see this thing moving under its own power!
  2. no. i ended up trading my quad for a 350/350 swapped 83 olds cutlass and have been spending most of my time on that. i'm actually trying to sell my 280zx right now to fund some suspension upgrades on the cutlass. i'll end up getting an s30 one day but life always has those curves
  3. yeah i still have them. didnt really want to seperate from the differential but i can. hows $40 a shaft sound. i know they're pretty exspensive new so i wouldnt think thats to much to ask
  4. yeah my dad has that on the back of his semi. his says................ "If it has wheels or high heels sooner or later your gunna have trouble" lol if only i could right down all the things he has told me over the years. he just sent me a text today that said ......they have created a new douche made of marijuana, deoderant and kentucky fried chicken. Now a women can stay high, dry and finger lickin good. lol
  5. I guess it depends on where you live and all but here where i live a buddy of mine from work makes almost $20 an hour, which for my area is pretty damn good for basically bein right out of school and he's only been doing hvac work for about 3 years. I think he started at about $15 an hour. But like i said it depends on where you wanna work. In bigger city's your more then likely gunna make way more and if workin for someone isnt your thing you can always go out on your own. I guess all and all it seems to be pretty simple stuff to work on aslong as your good at diagnosing wiring and sealed system refrigerants. if not thats what schools for!
  6. i went to wyotech in laramie. i graduated highschool in 2006 and 3 months later i left for laramie, 9 months later and with $32,000 in student loans i graduated in march of 2007. After completing and graduating school i realized like many of my friends/ friends of friends that went to wyotech with me, that i really didnt want to make my hobby a job. i didnt want to work for eight to ten hours a day on whiney peoples cadillacs then come home to work on my stuff some more. After searching for a job for 3 months and being offered at the most $8 an hour to just change oil i said F*** that! i'm not going to slave away and live with my parents just to make my loan payments. I found a job working on appliances instead, i may not make a huge amount of money but 2 years after starting there i already own my own home at 21. the best thing about my job is i work inside year round. the electronics can be just as challanging and i dont have to be under a car in the heat or cold dripping snow or mud. What alot of the guys wont tell you is you only have a few weeks to quit. after that every day longer you stay they keep more of a percentage of your tuition that you WILL NOT get back, basically if you quit early you pay for it even without the knowledge you gather there. i may not be using what i learned for an occupation but its something i'll always have to go back to if i like. my point is make sure you really want to do it before you make your decision. i thaught i really wanted to work on cars to but after 9 months i realized it wasnt for me. you should consider working on hvac, they make great money and its always going to be needed.
  7. i still have the dash. theres a guy from california (plexus) that wants it but shipping is crazy so he's trying to see if he can get it braught home by his uncle. right now its just sitting in my living room boxed up and ready to go. i can get pics if u want. its in great shape, has a little bit of fading but not bad at all. i want $200 plus shipping. if you wanna check on shipping yourself, go right ahead. the box is 21" high X 19" w X 70" long. it weighs 50lbs. let me know. i dont wanna sell it out from under him but i cant let it sit to much longer if someone else has the cash
  8. what window where you looking for? the door glass or side glass? if you want the door glass i could sell you that for $100 plus shipping. for the side glass i would be able to include shipping in that price i have listed of $100
  9. 83zxowner

    my quad

  10. yeah i did see the bottom two links. i already have a zx and i'm not a 2+2 fan, not to be picky. i'll check on the yellow one though. i must have missed it. i checked around on the 1200 and it looks like parts are very hard to come buy. searching for most of my life for parts doesnt sound like much fun to me so i dont think i'll look into that car any further. thanks for the help though
  11. all i could find where a 74 260 and a 73 240 neither looked to be in very good shape from the pics, but i may be wrong. other then that i've seen that 72 510 in lincoln with only 29k miles for $3000 still considering calling about it. have you seen this 510 before or are you more towards omaha?EDIT>>> after looking more into it, the car is actually a 1200
  12. I've been trying to sell my quad (04 arctic cat dvx 400)for sometime. Nothings wrong with it, it runs great and looks the part also, There just doesnt seem to be any interest locally, on craigslist or on the for sale section here (no calls or emails besides spam). It books for $2900 has quite a few aftermarket parts so $3200-$3500 in my opinion should be a fair price. My question is.... does anyone know of or have any running z's in the area and would be willing to trade? Preferably not a 2+2 or a zx since i have one (zx) that i may be looking to replace if i find the right z with a decent body. I'm not looking to cheat anyone, or make a profit, just looking to get something i will actually use. I have considered ebay but dont really wanna deal with it at this point. Any help or idea's would be great. thanks
  13. i got pictures up along with prices, you can check the pics and price and let me know. as for the armrests i would like $40 for each armrest let me know what you think and i"ll get back to you
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