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  1. AlwithaZ

    Dash Problem

    Hi I have an 85 300zx n/a and my dash is missing...but just the part in front of the driver. it was cracked down the center and wasnt fiberglass fixable. so i tossed it. My question is can you take one out of a junkyard, because the piece covers the whole dash and covers even more. Or will that dash layover take its place from thezstore.com? Plz any help would be appreciated. It looks terrible and this is my daily driver. Thanks
  2. Cant decide which i want to do. I have an 85 300zx NA and Im on a tight budget...so if i got turbo setup im gonna have to work around an ebay kit, or a used stock setup...or i could build it up headers, CAI, and an awesome sound system...What yo guys think?
  3. i was wandering about how nicely the z32 twin turbo manifolds would fit on my 85 na?
  4. how much would you charge? and where could i find those satan manifolds for sale. i looked but failed.
  5. i tried with the headlight switch today. the switch is just bad..the lowbeam fingers werent making conact and i couldnt get it to touch. so monday ima hit up junkyard, get that navigator electric fan and a light switch. and some odds and ends on interior. thanks everyone!
  6. wow thanks. ill post back if it works for me!
  7. if there is not change in how the car drives, its a sensor problem(correct?)..could be the gauge, check wiring too.could be wiring burned and as the engine rattles the wires touch.
  8. haha thats good idea. but i feel safer with a bat or ive been using the bar thats used to lift my jack ..sorry. lmao
  9. true, i was bein lazy and hoping someone would let me know what wire it was since everything else worked...i guess ill pull it apart and see what i can do.
  10. yea i used google. didnt like me very much this time...haha thanks though. so if i use the stock one from say a junkyard...would it hold up fine?
  11. i was wondering how you setup a vg30e na for a single turbo setup? since there are 2 exhaust manifolds...and using only one will cause uneven pressure...so how do you set this up?
  12. Hi, my headlight switch is out in my 85 NA. but i dont wanna have to buy one from autozone or somewhere for like 120$...all the other lights work on the switch...is there anyway i can tap the headlight wire under dash top an external switch? im good at soldering and wouldnt mind setting up an extra relay or fuse block. any help would be awesome thanks... btw is there anyway around the bad hood strucks, like to stiffen them alittle, or should i just keep using a bat? haha (im on a tight budget) Edit* i meant if you know what wire to tap, would be great thanks..
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