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  1. Well Other then not being able to use the old RB mount tabs (wasn't planning on it) the CXracing 240sx single turbo header fits like it was made for the 240z. My motor is mounted a little more forward as mentioned previously and maybe a little higher then most but I still think if it was mounted in the normal JCI location the headers would work.
  2. LS3 C6 pan. found a complete kit on ebay for around 400. it had everything, windage, gasket, hardware. Basically everything you need to install. The baffling is really good considering its a stock pan.
  3. I'm looking at weld in fittings for the radiator supply and return. anyone ever try to remove the pipe in the top of the water pump and weld in say a -16 fitting ?
  4. After 15 years I decided to move away from my beloved RB and jump over to the dark side. As most people can attest to once you go fast its like a drug and you want more and more. Well I had reached the depth of my wallet with the rb. If I wanted to go faster and not eat up cranks and rods, I needed to drysump. I crunched numbers ,sold the rb and got into a truck motor and everything I needed to go fast and had enough left over to have anti roll installed and a parachute ;> . So here it is. 2000 Silverado 5.3 w BTR stage 2 turbo cam, rocker trunnion upgrade, titanium springs and retainers, LS7 MLS head gasket, a hi volume/pressure melling oil pump, 1600 cc injectors spraying E85, and a Borg warner S480 turbo. This will be mated to a powerglide with 3:70ish gearing in a 8.8 that is 4 linked. This was a finished project that I'm swapping motors so if you want the specs on the rest of the car swing over to the rb forum and check out my builid thread over there. I have a build thread going called Unnatural Aspiration part 4 ;>
  5. Well I have most of the core support prep done. Not sure how I'm going to do it yet but intercooler and radiator will be as far forward as possible.
  6. LS is the same here as 2j. got a complete longblock with 40k on it for 400bux. it was just the 2j was going to eat up too much funds in cams springs, ect ect. LS is done and should be good for 1000hp. and all the parts I put in the motor cost less then a set of cams for the 2j.
  7. Well for me to continue down the road I was going I would need to dry sump the rb and its stupid expensive. I will more then likely need to do the same thing with the LS eventually but they have much better off the shelf pans that work well. also when its time to go dry sump the ls is a lot cheaper to do. And again for the same reason I was considering a turbo NA 2j.... I cant find junkyard motors in the use for 300 bux.
  8. Well, after pounding the calculator trying to figure out how I was going replace the rb with a 2j.... it just wasn't adding up. was going to cost way to much to transplant the 2j in the place of the rb. SOOOOOO I did some research and picked up a bone stock 5.3 truck motor just in case. After I did the math and sold the rb.... I was able to get everything I need to put a turbo 5.3 in the car and have a bunch of cash left over ;> Specs stock 5.3 truck motor with 40k on ticker. chromoly push rods BTR trunnion upgrade stage 2 BTR turbo cam titanium springs and retainers. Melling hi volume/pressure oil pump I also pulled pistons and checked bearings. Damn things looked like new and measure good so I reused and increased the gap on the top rings for boost. All this will be mated to the same drivetrain I had in the rb Combo. Powerglide, ford 8.8, currently 4:56 gearing but will be going to a 3.70 Do to the way the trans tunnel and chassis was built around the RB the ls motor will sit a little more forward then a typical install which will make getting the BW480 in there a challenge.
  9. Holy crap dude I didn't realize you went Dark ;>...I'm currently working on getting a 5.3 truck motor in mine with a 80mm turbo!!!
  10. Cool thanks exactly what I'm looking for.
  11. I'm in the process of building my budget turbo LS motor. Its a 5.3 truck motor with cathedral heads. Looking for cam, oil pump (hi volume/pressure) c6 ls3 oil pan and windage tray, turbo headers 100+mm throttle body and intake to match. ect ect I basically have the stock engine torn down to the short block, regapped top rings and once I start gathering some parts everything will be going back together to go in the Z. So post up what your selling.
  12. Already spoken for. and as far as following the bandwagon.... if that band wagon goes 8:50 @ 160+ .... yea I'm gonna follow. SO FACK AFF!!!! ;-0
  13. Well looks like plans have changed again. Just scored a 5.3 truck motor for 400 bux with 40k on the ticker. looks like I will be moving to the dark side ;> May have some 2j stuff up for sale shortly. Biggest thing will be the powerhouse 2j to powerglide adapter setup.
  14. Well looks like I will be going LS after all. Just scored a 5.3 truck motor with for 400 bucks with 40k on the ticker!!! will be picking it up tomorrow.
  15. That was my other choice. Just came across a 2j setup that was more cost effective for my situation.
  16. Not sure yet. Will more than likely go with a set that does not require any head work.
  17. Well part 3 is coming to a close. I got the motor rebuilt and made 710rwhp on the old school Greddy T88 and 24 PSI. I posted a video and literally less then 12 hours later it was sold. received the deposit today. Part 4 will be out this spring and will consist of a 2jz NA-T mated to the same drivetrain in the orange Z that the RB was. Currently I have the block assembled, The head has been modded to accept TT electronics. Need to order cams and springs. assemble head and bolt down. I also have the powerhouse Powerglide adapter. Its going to be a fun build. as I get pics I will post in this build thread. For now if anyone knows of forums that deal with NA-T conversions post them up. also and good facebook pages that list parts for sale would be cool.
  18. HAHA yep I agree. Don't plan on having that many blocks lying around as spares. But heres the deal. I can sell my setup turnaround and finish my rear suspension, install parachute, build 2j to make more power then my rb currently sits (means going faster) upgrade my current ECU, and still have 2K left from the sale. I love RBs don't get me wrong. just don't have the cash to sink into a drysump system. If I spin a bearing on the 2 j for the same reason (oil starvation) I can go grab a motor from pick and pull for 150 bux, then slap all my stuff on it and be done. In fact I plan on having a spare short block for racing season.... and on the off chance I do hurt it. I could literally in one day have the motor out and replaced. Cant do that on my budget with an RB. That's my reasoning. redoing the setup is easy.
  19. Not to mention another 6 psi!! 2j will do well also. and the biggest thing is I can have 5 short blocks sitting as spares for the cost of my last rebuild.
  20. Yea it is. its still relatively conservative on the timing and is still pretty rich. there's probably another 75-100 is just leaning it out a bit and putting more timing in.
  21. Yes.... But probably the last time it will run in the car. I got a deposit and it looks like its going back to its previous owner to go back in an r31 skyline. So the end of the Original RB26 260 Z may becoming to an end.
  22. Cant figure out how to post videos..... made 710hp and 516 ft-lb Tq on 25 psi. look me up on youtube under username stonehac to see the videos. I also have some posted on facebook
  23. Im using the same pan. I also noticed the same things. Although my pickup mating surface was not bowed and sealed up pretty nice. I didn't see in your review... but I have heard from several others that some of the holes don't line up. The only ones I had to enlarge were the big ones with 2 studs. I also has to trim some of the welds back for the bolts to sit flush. I personally think it was an awesome deal. I got it direct from CXracing here in the states.
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