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  1. Hello Everyone, I sold my 1980 and bought this 1983 2+2. It had so many cheap mods it was a nightmare getting passed smog. Previous owner said I couldn't get it smogged because the transmission was stuck in first gear. Now I just need to make a friend that can reprogram the digital dash to read past 85.
  2. Hello Brian1, Another thought, I did get my engine wet when I had this similar problem. I also took apart the throttle and cleaned it before. the adjustment of the throttle sensor can have that effect as well The B.C.D.D. only caused my high idle. drying out everything and adjusting the TPS fixed the rpm problem. dont try to take apart the TPS I broke the cover on mine. Good Luck
  3. Here is my dash done in brown leather. Was $200 from a local upholstery shop. I did not like the outcome as they covered the speaker and a/c sensor holes and it looks fat and all the plastic pieces wont fit back in. Be careful in picking your shop.
  4. I had a similar problem on my 1980 Z that ended up being the B.C.D.D out of adjustment. I have a non turbo and this device in on the bottom of the throttle valve I don't know if the turbo engine has this. Another symptom on mine was high idle. Other possibilities could be the ignition module on the side of the distributor, a clogged fuel filter or weak fuel pump starving the engine, of possible misrouted vacuum lines.
  5. Hello everyone here is my Z. http://s622.photobucket.com/albums/tt309/wardle91/280ZX/
  6. I saw this poor car sitting in the back of a smog repair shop with a cracked head and bought it for $600 replaced the motor off ebay for $250. Had the dash reupholstered for $200. and paid the back taxes of $371. just blew out the rear brake caliper $100, It doesn't stop very well with only the front brakes. They get expensive quick. I can't wait to blow up this engine so I can look into other power plant options. I have always wanted one and I love how they handle. I will post some pictures later.
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