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  1. Riken 16x7 0 offset - old school(ish)w 225 50 16 BUT still having problems. Yes the rears rub, per many many posts, but the front are much worse. (Eibach Pros and Tokico non-adjustable) Fronts rub/grind something awful. I am finally about to put some time/money/energy - primarily the 280zxt swap, but want to sort out this issue first. In lieu of cutting sheet metal off of the rear, i was thinking of replacing the 225/50s with 205/55s. But don't want to waste the $ if this alone will not solve the problem. Anytime i put on jack stands/a lift, the suspension is unloaded so testing the wheels at that point are a bit pointless. I have read about taking the springs off which should give suspension bottoming out, but thats an extensive amount of work. And i don't know how that might effect or help the front wheels turning lock to lock. While i could adjust the rear slightly - that still doesn't solve the front issue. Any other suggestions. (and yes i have search this forum for the last few days, but never got exactly the info i was looking for). Part of my concern is that i read on these same forums about people running this size or even 245/45 16's with little or in some cases no problems. Any thoughts would be helpful.
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