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  1. Never mind. Idle Control Valve. I feel like a doofus for asking that one.
  2. One more thing; the pictures on the PRC web page aren't very forthcoming, and I'm curious about how the radiator is secured in the car. Did they drill and tap it specifically for your car, or did you just make brackets?
  3. Awesome. Ok, one more more dumb question guys; on the bottom of the Thai intake manifold there's a flat area with a hole in the center, and four tapped holes in each corner. What is this for?
  4. Hi Pat. Thanks for the advice. It looks like 70 Cam Guy used the same radiator as you, and had it trimmed down a couple of inches. Did you have to do the same to make yours fit? I wish I would have known about these guys a long time ago. I have another project that needs a custom sized radiator, and I've had no luck trying to find someone out here in California who would make one for me, at least not for anything less than the remaining balance in my bank account, and a kidney. These PRC guys sound like they're pretty reasonable. I have a feeling I'll be patronizing them more than once. Also what year Taurus did you grab the fan from?
  5. Trust me when I tell you that you and Pat have helped a lot, but I've run into a snag and I'm sure you had to deal with it too, since I bought my intake manifold from the same guy in Thailand that you did. I didn't have a problem with the flange, but I am having a problem getting the plenum to clear the water-neck on the side of the block. I'm assuming you had to cut and weld the water-neck at more of a downward angle. Do you have any pictures of the work you had to do to get the parts to clear each other? Also was there an off-the-shelf radiator hose you were able to use? I found a guy on ebay who makes radiators for this exact swap, cooling-fans included, for roughly $300. Here's the link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Aluminum-Radiator-70-78-Datsun-240Z-260Z-280Z-RB-RB20DET-RB25DET-Swap-12-FAN-/390351544618?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item5ae2c3e12a&vxp=mtr Man, I figured the aftermarket intake manifold would make all the intercooler piping and fitment easier, saving me a ton of trouble in the future, but I didn't realize it would be the cooling system that would be the pain in my butt. Do you any suggestions for me?
  6. Hi, I'm relatively new to modifying Z-cars, and I wanted to thank you for making such an informative thread. My brother gave me his old '75 280Z, and I had big plans to revive the old L28 under the hood, that is until I found out how much it was going to cost just to get it up to speed. After playing around on the net I found the threads by you and Pat1, and that sealed the deal for me. I was able to trade a wrecked out project I had out back for an RB20DET, complete with trans, ECU, and wiring harness. I've already rebuilt the RB and installed into the car, and I plan on running it bone-stock until I get all of the bugs worked out. This car wouldn't have made it this far without both of your threads, and I would have spent more than double the money had I tried to revive the old L28. Thanks guys.
  7. I know this thread is a bit on the old side, but I'm new to the Z forum, and I'm installing an RB20 in my 75 280Z right now. Do you still have the rear-sump oil pan for sale? Is that the one I need for the RB20 to fit my car? Please excuse my ignorance to the matter. I love Z-cars, but I have very little experience on Nissan parts/engine compatibility.
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