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  1. Nice find Brapp maybe I couldnt find it because I was searching turbo applications. Ill have to talk to sunmaster and see what he has done, I really like it, thanks again for the link.
  2. Well if money were no object then yeah, an S50s motor would definitely be in the works, but I thought Id one, do something different and two keep the L6 set up as to keep people wondering. The lamen wouldnt know any different I dont think. Though you know how the people in the BMW crowd can be hehe.
  3. I dont know if any of you out there are into the E30 model BMWs, but I am and well when built right they last and are pretty easy to maintain like our Zs are. Well I found a really nice e30 for the right price needing a motor. I was thinking of swapping a 280zxt motor into the E30 instead of replacing it, and therefore giving myself some boosted power and not to mention some more horses under the hood then what the car previously had. I was just wondering as the search didnt return any results, if anyone has ever tried this type of swap. Anyone in the BMW crowd, has probably done the M20 to 50 swap but I wanted to try a little something different, and I couldnt think of anything that would be as cheap and as easy for some decent power then a s130 swap into my E30. So with that what does everyone think? I think this could be fun, but was wondering if anyone had any input, has done it or could think of any problems that I might run into doing this swap. Thanks for your time
  4. I just thought I would give my .02 about a vendor in Florida, Brent, who runs and owns Z Docs. I think its always nice to tell the good or bad about people and your experience. I have to say that my experience with Brent has been nothing but good. As you know he also sells cars, Im about to go pick one up from him. an 83 280zxt. As we talked and he knew I wanted to drive the car back, he said let me run it around a bit to make sure there are no problems. Well there was, he found that the rack was leaking and replaced it with one of his own, also as hes been driving it around making sure its safe for my journey, found that there was a fuel problem that he will be fixing as well. I just have to say that to me this is above and beyond the call of duty, and Brent will certainly have my business in future ventures. Id just like to give a thumbs up to Brent. Great guy to talk to and deal with.
  5. Id put a 22r turbo from the 4Runner in that celica, now that would be a very nice combo, I had seen it done once before in a older corona. That equaled out to be a very fast car.
  6. From reading all of this I have come to one conclusion, I would say its more then likely your turbo going. Though I could not be sure of this, this is what it sounds like, either bad seals and or worn bearing or shaft play. As far as your compression goes though I would have to agree with GrayZee, your compreesion readings do seem to be really low. I dont know how much the cam has changed that, or cam timing either. I know that with my ZXT I had, which was an 82 F54 block P90a head, I had a 1.2 mm HKS metal HG, and compression across the board was at 150. Yours just seems really low, but as jmortensen said I cant think that it is the rings, not with what you posted here. Final analyisis, turbo is your problem.
  7. You seemed to scared to gas it up, I was expecting to really hear it.
  8. LOL someone has posted pics of a members car here named bastaad525 I do believe. It was the Maaco blue 240z turbo that he had built. Well yet again, it is on ebay but with a twist. The seller now is using as his interior and motor pics a well known black 240z that is Nitrous equipped. I cannot recall this mans name but when you look at the auction you will most certainly recall that 240z as well. Heres the link http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=180118610367&fromMakeTrack=true Remember that ^^
  9. I have a 73 240Z with a set of triple webers on it. The DCOE 40s. The stock mechanical went out on the car, its now leaking. I was wondering would the stock electric pump in the rear be enough to support the triples or would I be better off blocking off the mechanical and buying a new electric for the webers?
  10. I just got a bunch of parts, most were junk but then I had come across these that I had found. NOS Nissan interior metal panels that look to me to go over the rear wheel arch, covering part of the interior dog leg area and part of the rear window. I was wondering as I will be putting these on ebay, what they might be worth? Anyone have a clue.
  11. Its a shame to see that car go, especially as long as you worked on it and what you put into it. Unfortuately as someone else said, projects like this one Ebay, though well worth the 10k hardly ever see it. Thing is they dont source out how much most of it would cost to begin with.
  12. Well I can tell you this, my 82 turbo that I had, I removed the a/c and also removed the spare tire. Everything else was still there plus the MSA II aero kit. (Bumpers were still retained with this kit) The car with approxiamately 5 gallons of gas, (right at 1/4 of a tank) weighed in at 2750. I would think with all that you have removed your well below that lol.
  13. I would also add, that if you were to get your own hose you could do it for much less then 115 dollars, and Im not talking about one of those cheapo kits at the parts stores either.
  14. Had a complete rebuild on the transmission, and now it whines, kind of sounds like a supercharger driving down the road. The transmission shifts wonderfully, into each gear without fail, no slop in the shifter, engaging perfectly it seems but it just has this whine. Can anyone elaborate as to what might be happening? Id appreciate any input.
  15. EZ-E

    monza exhaust

    It does give a decent sound till about a year later, the Monza system is a pacesetter system. Once well broken in your car will eventually sound like an angry group of bees chasing down the road.
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