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  1. Received my order today and as usual, I'm very pleased with the product, and service ... Thank You ~joel
  2. Hope things are looking better for ya now. Have you managed to get any product sent off? No hurry for me... just wondering Thanks, ~joel
  3. RB26powered74zcar

    New to forums and z cars

    Welcome ! Please use proper spelling , capital letters, commas and periods when posting on HybridZ. Thank you, ~joel
  4. RB26powered74zcar

    Datsun 240Z 1970 - the whole story

    Nice work!! Your Z has made a proper transformation.... Keep the progress pics coming.
  5. RB26powered74zcar

    CD00A (newest version of CD009) transmission for sale.

    Sorry to hear that Ron...
  6. RB26powered74zcar

    T56 behind an L-series

    How'd everything end up for you with the wicked trans upgrade Tim? Last post you seemed happy with the turnout. I'd luv to hear a spirited run through the gears. I bet it sounds and feels superb ...
  7. RB26powered74zcar

    CD00A (newest version of CD009) transmission for sale.

    Did you end up selling the gear box Ron? Thanks - joel
  8. RB26powered74zcar

    ANOTHER Datsun Z/LS3/T56 Swap Thread

    What a nice shell to start with. Lots of nice things to say about it, but to be blunt... I wish it was mine!!
  9. Wow... this if very impressive
  10. I'll take 2 short sleeve XXL. One in dark Heather gray and one Carolina Blue . Please PM me the total. Thanks - joel 70605
  11. Do you know if these have metal outer rings? Yepp, they don't . It seems like some that I have seen are chromed plastic. Plastic they be. I'm returning them.
  12. RB26powered74zcar

    Who's s30 with Carbon Fiber Hood Louvers ??? (PIC)

    Well, I went ahead and bought a set of TRACKSPEC alum louvers, and I think they will evacuate plenty hot air under the hood.
  13. RB26powered74zcar


    Various stages of mod.....
  14. I guess I bought the only pair they had in stock. Once I paid for them, they now show them to be SOLD OUT. I will be very peeeed off if the rings are plastic, for that kind of cabbage ... I will update the thread once they arrive.