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  1. No, I'm sellin my project Z for the same price, and its in way better condition that.
  2. So if the motor im buying is from a s30, its still usable for a turbo set-up. I just need either a Zxt oil pan, or make a fitting on the stock pan. All the neccessary sensors, injectors, and megasquirt to control the fuel delivery. Obivously there will modifications to the harness.
  3. Ok so it has to be a F54 block? If the motor is from a 75-78 z I shouldnt buy it for reasons like theres no knock sensor? If it is a F54 block and dosent have a p90 head, should I still stay away from it? Thanks for the help, I think I got all I need now.
  4. I have a project 75 280z with MT. I want to go l28et. I HAVE searched, but I still have a few questions. I'm buyin a rebuilt motor from somebody, but I dont know the year of it. For a l28et, does it have to be from a Zx? Also, is there any wat to tune the stock ecu, or do I have to find a z31 turbo ECU? Other than ecu will I beed any other engine management systems? Any help will be appreciated.
  5. I know Im new, but I'm currently restoring a 78' 280z. I've almost finished my interior, but I'd like to see what everyone else has goin on. I'll post pics of mine when a few parts come in.
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