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  1. I agree that the spoilers do look better on the 240z's but to get the most effective down-force you really need to have a wing that is in the clean laminar flow that is coming off the top of the car. From my understanding most of the air flow down near the bottom of the hatch is in a drag "pocket" and surrounded by turbulent air flow since most of the air flow is separated from the car by that point, thus making it a less effective place to position a down-force inducing object. Don't get me wrong, a spoiler is better that nothing, but a wing is best and that is what ZR240 is after. Plus a "3D" wing is even better than a wing with one airfoil cross-section. By implementing multiple airfoil cross-sections you can better manipulate how much down-force you can generate by creating airfoils that match the varying flow characteristics from side to middle to the other side of the car.
  2. since I am not sure if you guys saw the post on the original thread. Here is the rear of the SuperGT 240Z design.
  3. and here is the rear view. Unfortunately the color isn't as bright on this. I'm not quite sure why, but oh well.Also this view makes the front look kinda weird, but I believe that just has to do with this angle, and the fact that you can't see all of the surface of the fender. It demonstrates the aerodynamic features of the rear pretty well though.
  4. Glad to hear that you like it ZR240. Getting that kind of response tells me that I know how to meet the requirements of customer, design ways. This is kind of like practice for me. If I am going to designing cars for Nissan, or some other automaker, it is quite critical that I know what people are looking for. Like I said I'll get rear posted up here very soon. Just trying to find the time to draw it. Now that I've got your attention, I'm sure you'll be on your toes waiting for the rear view. I'll tell you what, the idea I have cooked up in my mind will blow you away. If you do build this, you are going to have one really sick race car.
  5. Thanks for the compliments guys, always a pleasure. rbpowered280zit would look similar, but it several ways it is very different. ZR240- made clear he wanted to improve the aerodynamics and integrate the g-nose effect. Thus the front overhang is substantially larger, and has a huge splitter on the bottom. The "Monza Z" doesn't appear to have a splitter at all. Also following more recent aerodynamic trends by Nissan in their GT car, instead of having the widened front fender following the shoulder or hood line it you will, the fenders actual taper down towards the rear. Also the rear fender does not flow or extend into the door, instead it is a somewhat abrupt change in body geometry.Also the "Monza Z" has no canards to induce more down force, nor does it have vortex generators in the rear. You will see these once I complete the rear view.
  6. This is largely a response to a request ZR240 made regarding a Super GT esque kit for the 240Z he is building for race purposes. Here is the front view. I will be posting the rear view here in another day or two when I have it drawn.
  7. I know what Z you are talking about in the January 2008 issue. The red one with the G-nose air dam and the really wide rounded fenders that are gray, right? I don't think that is what he is after. zr240 do you want the really aerodynamic rear fenders that most Super GT cars have? And the front fenders that have the large trailing vent behind the front wheels? How hard core racing are you going? This way I can gage how to design the kit. I could sketch something up. You are planning on going wide body, right? Do you want: Full wide body kit (front fascia, front fenders, side skirts, rear fascia, rear diffuser, front splitter, large "GT" wing, vented hood, front bumper canards, JDM style fender mirrors. You mentioned G-nose style front so I know that detail for certain. Would you like it to be NISMO inspired (take some design cues from the current GT300/500 Z-cars)? Fill me in on these details and I can sketch up something that will give you some ideas.
  8. Well I haven't do anything Z-ish in a while, but here are a few of my famed drawings. I have many other drawings of concept cars that are in color. They are of higher quality, would you like to see them?
  9. It is a custom mandrel bent 3" exhaust. It has a 3" Magnaflow high flow catalytic converter and an APEXi N1 muffler (also 3").
  10. Here is mine... ... ...well before it got t-boned last December anyways. what I intend to eventually create with another 280zx. This or this
  11. very nice! That makes me really miss my blue 280zx.
  12. That take is also very awesome. I am a little perplexed by why there is a shadow along the door crease. You made my design look really good. I like how you integrated the intercooler/oil cooler, just add some glossy black mesh in front them and the front will look like dynamite. The rear wheels could still be a bit wider, or just shift the wheel to the right so that along the back edge of the wheel there is less black. I was considering doing a mild stretch on the tires. So much black space makes the wheel appear not to be a flush fit with the body, just my .02. Nice work though.
  13. The muffler and emblem look awesome. The rims still need a little help. Might I recommend a slight light blue hue on the bottom of the lip as a reflection of the sky (this has to be on top of just white though). Also if you the clean up the "waviness" or "blotchiness" of your blurring so that is uniform across the lip it will really start to look convincing. Same thing goes for the B-pillar trim. Keep it up, I like how you are enhancing my drawing, it looks sweet!
  14. Corpcrim, that is awesome. Is there any chance you can make the lips on the wheels look like polished aluminum, same goes for the B-pillar piece, the "Twin Turbo" emblem, and the T-top trim.
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