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  1. I can use one that doesn't have the electric defog on it as well I just have to have one to get her inspected so I can purchase a tag and register her.
  2. Well after searching high and low in the land of rust and scale, I finally found a z car that hasn't been sleeping with the whales. Well here she is my 2nd z the first is still a work in progress 1976 280z that I am doing a full restoration on. This is my new pride and joy, I found a 1 owner 1983 280zx with just one spot of surface rust on the front window above the trim, and the drivers side mirror needs to be replaced. She was a garage kept z for all her life and has 248,524 on the body and 110,000 on a replacement motor that was put in about 7,000 miles ago. The only problem I found so far after driving her 2 hours back home last night was a slightly corroded fusible link, and a couple of injector harness plugs that caused a slight miss. I am replacing all of the injector plug connectors today and will register her on Monday.
  3. Well since I seem to be back in search of parts for a second z car, I luckily only find myself in need of a drivers side electric heated mirror for a 1 owner 83 280zx I just aquired for $2,000. I finally ran into some good luck on finding a nice Datsun in N.C. without the owner wanting $7,000.00 to $9,000.00, or driving 2 hours each way to find a car that looks as if it were stored with the Titanic for a few years. So I am hoping that someone can help me with a drivers side mirror preferably white but any color will be fine. Thanks in advance, Curt.
  4. Thanks to all who replied I found a complete car locally and bought it for a few parts including the su's. I have several parts I am not going to use so pm me with needs. All parts will be very reasonably priced seeing as how I got such a great deal on the 240. Thanks, Curt.
  5. I am looking for a front and rear bumper for a 240 or 260 and I also have alot of 240 parts that I am not going to use on my 280 build. I bought a complete 71 240 for the su's,steering wheel,front fiberglass valance and motor so let me know what you need and the prices are dirt cheap.I got a great deal on the 240 so I want to pass the parts on to those who need them.
  6. Thanks to all who have replied, I bought a set from Sparks280zt. I drove up and picked them up today. Thanks Matt, the doors are just as you described them.
  7. I am looking for a set of round top su's and manifolds.
  8. If you would like to call me I can be reached at 704-719-7439. Thanks, Curt.
  9. I am still looking for 2 doors for my project 280z ,I can use 260 or '75-'76 model 208z doors. Would like to find a set locally but if you are willing to ship, that is fine also.
  10. if anyone near charlotte n.c. has a set please let me know.
  11. if anyone near charlotte n.c. has a set please let me know.
  12. Hello everyone,I have been away from the z scene for a while and have a project car now that I need at least a drivers side door for. I would like to find both doors but I can get by with just the drivers side. I am located near Charlotte N.C. Please give me a call at 704 719 7439 if you have some decent doors for sale.
  13. I am looking to buy or trade for a set of doors for my 76 with little to no rust ,I have a set from a 77 that I am willing to trade that are in excellent shape.
  14. Your post is old, I've been away a while, but, yes, I found them, and I can't thank you enough. John

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