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  1. T5 1983 280zx Turbo Im looking at the fsm and referring to part 28. its simply labeled bushing then right behind that is the oil seal. Would any of you know how i can find this bushing? or is it necessary? i just finished rebuilding my trans with 0 knowledge on trans. Just realized that there is supposed to be an oil seal at the rear (thanks to yasins post about skf 13958)... trans fluid was spilling during acceleration.. which lead me to the fsm and i noticed the bushing. So it seems my finishing touch would be to buy the oil seal and find the bushing? i just dont have any clue what it would be called. help please? i tried googling rear tail house bushing, slip yoke bushing, and other stuff. educate me on its function too please if it is required so i rid myself of any ignorance.
  2. Update and Fixed The bearings under the 3/4 syncro blew out causing the ring that pushes up the keys to get loose therefore causing the keys to overlap onto the synchro and prevent my car from shifting. cleaned it out and replaced the bearings, readjusted the keys and the metal ring that pushes up the keys and now it shifts smoooothly. ran into another issue where the car now wont get past 3k rpm. i doubt its related to the trans UNLESS the neutral switch needs to be plugged in (left it unplugged for now cause the wires ripped) however i believe that switch is only for safety reasons. Going to check electrical related things like tps and afm, also a google search brought up many many results for similar problems so i will go though those first unless someone can pinpoint the issue being related to my transmission fix that probably caused this. Thanks Tony D as you pinpointed this very precisely and most importantly educated me on why and how. oh as for the shifter being able to shift to neutral and the car still stayed in gear, the keys got stuck since the rings moved. so it allllllllll made sense that the lever was in a different position but the car was in gear. i guess the key things i learned from this are If you are having trouble pushing the shifter into gear, those keys could be a problem so shift into the corresponding gear (from 3 to 4 or 4 to 3) then back to hopefully get the keys back into position if they are a loosening. and i need to invest into more equipment because wrestling and using human strength to push that transmission back into the car with hardly any room vertically (about 2-3 feet, was laying on my back and rolled the tranny onto my chest using legs and arms to lift it into the car) was wayyyyy too difficult.
  3. Thank you very very very much Tony for the explanation. Very detailed and easy to understand. Aug 5th is around the corner and my family (brother) is getting ready to head back home so i can get back to spending time on the car. Seriously tony thanks, i takes hours to read the detail you explained in a few minutes. my next post in this will be an exact target on whats wrong and what i did to fix this using what i learned from you and the good ole fsm... Connor, ive seen many threads about fluid types through google. im sure you could find the info in there. (saying this cause your question really through off this post)
  4. would you say if it were the input bearing would the noise be consistent or could it sound like something is getting knocked around? imagine a shard of metal in the case getting hit around (not a consistent rhythm). with the clutch in there is no noise then as i release it you can hear that non consistent noise. when i took it apart and saw how the keys didnt seat themselves very nicely i assumed they were getting smacked around by the syncro as it was partially engaged. i dont want to drag out this too long as if im not listening to you (tony) but yes that is basically my final question whether if the noise should be a consistent one or if it could have what i explained. and what about the gears being set the neutral and the shaft when rotated would randomly catch back into gear? as a note of progress... my brother (a mechanic unlike me) is in town and will take a look at it. he's a 90's car guy soooo hopefully he can point out what you explained to me. thanks again tony for the knowledge! as for xnike that explanation was very very straight forward and what i needed! there are too many threads that only go halfway in explanation, kind as if the guy figured out all that is needed and stopped posting. however i did think the same thing as tony, why not just leave the tailhousing and get a new driveshaft made.
  5. I wondered the same thing about the shift fork but when i took it apart it looked to be ok. The main thing i noticed when i took apart the transmission is that at the 1-2 syncro, the gear that slides between them can slide freely when you press in all the keys. as for the 3-4, it was extremely difficult to slide around and in many cases it got stuck when it finally sat around the keys and would require a lot of force to get it out. i also noticed that when i was able to move the sliding gear around the 3-4 out to set the car in neutral, i rotated the shafts and found it to be in neutral but it would randomly catch into gear and release. the nose i figured were the keys rubbing possibly rubbing on the syncro rings(the bronze one) because it disappeared when the gear got put into 3rd which would be holding the keys down). the noise is gone now since it is in gear. the noise also came from within the transmission and not the bellhousing. i can record a video of the keys and what is going on when trying to move that sliding gear around. My options are still open. thanks for the input about the wct5 vs the z32 routes. it seems like a bit of work for me to work on either at the moment so im saving for that project for next summer. yes it is august, and it's not like i have been sitting around not looking for other sellers. i could buy from other websites but this is a tremec product and may be better quality than other sellers. I said hefty in price as compared to the link i provided. If the unit i provided is genuine tremec and it sells for that price as compared to other sellers, then why pay for something that is more than double the cost for possibly something of worse quality? I will be doing my own labor so the cost of rebuilding a transmission with the product in the link would be the price of that product which is much cheaper than a trans from the JY and would be rebuilt unlike the JY unit. Thanks for your diagnosis. its really helping me understand transmissions better. I never, never, never opened a transmission in my life until now so its great to hear the different possibilities. im not ruling out anything you said for the diagnosis but im waiting for more feedback from you that pertain to what i just described in this post.
  6. im still looking for an answer to my question soo im not changing the topic from its original post. from what i looked up those adapter plates come weighing in at roughly 400. then have to buy the transmission and more. soo that sounds like something ill consider later. im just trying to get my daily back on the road in time for school. sooooo anybody have any idea about this kit?
  7. i am very curious of this idea. i seen big phils video on this but i wasnt sure how much work would be involved? he went for the z31 tranny i believe but i will look into this. if you have a link or experience in what is needed that would help a lot. ive only been reading on t5 for t5... and the 5 speed from the 280zx. never looked into other outside transmission so i would be interested in this if the cost factor is similar.
  8. Because eventually i want to attempt to upgrade my bw t5 into the wc one. i already have it apart and had some good visuals of my problems. ive read a lot of post about the bw t5 in my car but i do plan on doing some custom work prob by next summer to upgrade to a wc t5. i dont really want to get a transmission from the junkyard since it feels like a gamble. i feel safer knowing my transmission is rebuilt and better yet rebuilt by me (wont be taking any shortcuts and going word for word from the fsm). But yea any idea of the links i showed? im sure there are some t5 experts that know this rebuild kit.. i responded to both post using this one basically. so thanks for the feedback guys! and yasin i do trust your word since ive read your work on your 280zx. i do want to work with the t5 though and just need some clarity on the kits i found.
  9. bump for an answer?
  10. That one was the full rebuild. but i would probably go with this one too. (its the one that actually said tremec. i posted the link to the full rebuild that seller has V.S. this one) http://www.ebay.com/itm/T5-NON-WORLD-Transmission-Rebuild-Kit-GM-Ford-Jeep-AMC-/360610854320#vi-content
  11. I have a 83 280zx turbo with the Borg Warner T5. Ive considered the routes of putting in a wc t5 (too much customization), going the nissan 5 speed route (rather not), and just going to the junkyard and getting a t5 out of another 280zx (i feel safer knowing i have a freshly rebuilt one). Story: My 3-4 syncro assembly is bad. When driving home it got harder and harder to shift into 3rd and any gear for that matter. I got home driving in 1st down my street. Then when i stopped the car and put it into neutral, all i heard was a clicking clacking sound as the car was sitting in neutral. I stepped on the clutch and the sound disappeared. It would come back as i eased off the clutch then finally it somehow slapped into gear(the noise also stopped) though the shifter was in neutral and i quickly pressed back down on the clutch. I eased off the clutch again to learn the car was in gear and i couldn't get it out. I took apart the transmission to find that the part that is supposed to slide around over the 3/4 syncro was hard to budge. after some very manly hours i was able to push it loose. I lifted the keys and saw some metal shavings inside and it was really difficult to press in the keys and slide the part around. now that the transmission itself was in neutral i rotated the shafts to see if the transmission was in neutral and it was until it would randomly grab into gear and let go. I checked the gears rotation ratios and determined it to be 3/4. Symptoms: Noise from Transmission Car hard to shift Transmission suddenly goes into a gear Cant get car out of gear Shifter still in neutral Theory This appears to me that the noise was possibly the keys having trouble going into gear. The car got into 3rd and was hard to shift out because the syncros are bad. It randomly went into gear as performed when turning the shafts in neutral. Shifter was in neutral meaning the forks held the parts in the neutral position but the gears were still in 3rd which could be explained by the spin test aswell since the gears were in that position and it would randomly grab into gear. Solution And Question: Will this rebuild kit work for our (nissan) T5? i posted a question to the seller as well but it says he is away till august..... The brand for the item is Tremec and as most of you would know is the company that took over the T5 from Borg Warner. This kit goes for pretty cheap compared to my googling of syncro assemblies. Any suggestions are welcomed except those saying "just go with nissan 5speed, or get a mustang t5 or any of that" Suggestions should be on the line of "you should buy from here it's cheaper and better" or "i dont think that is your problem, your problem actually is....". I havent seen many topics on rebuild kits (i seen a few but they target one seller that sells a rebuild kit for $250... which is pretty hefty. http://www.ebay.com/itm/T5-NON-WORLD-Class-Master-Rebuild-Kit-GM-Ford-Jeep-AMC-/350712906441#vi-content
  12. its been a LONNNNG journey... but finally figured it out. i noticed today as the car warmed up its idle gets lower and becomes too low till it dies.. also the air fuel ratio goes bad as its warming up.. then boom it dies and doesnt start up.. soo i figured it has to be the chts. i took a part i ordered that apparently isnt for my car via rock auto (coolant temp sensor) and stuck it where the chts is. i read post about its functions and that its similar THOUGH its not something i should leave on in the long run due to its ideal usage is for liquid heat and not i gues metal contact heat? anywho i stuck it in its place. started car... and was able to start any time i wanted.. i warmed the car up then it warmed and lived among 2-3 bars but usually around 3 on the rpm.. and today.. i finally drove my car around the block =] was able to park and drive it again... life is great! but now to find another 280zx to compare ideal stock performance... since i dont know whether if my car is struggling or if that's just how it is. either way its fun to drive! =] i am loving my Z now..
  13. http://memimage.cardomain.net/member_images/7/web/403000-403999/403158_270_full.jpg i noticed 2 hoses that are not connected. can someone tell me where the 2 skinny hoses that go over where it would say turbo go to? i realized one of em has vacuum and the other doesnt. im guessing one plugs into the cruise control thing? while other i have no clue.. someone let me know please =] pictures would be beneficial.. i tried looking at fsm but i just have no idea what the units are called that it is plugged into..
  14. That has been fixed. it wasnt blue. it was just super super super rich fuel. it got fixed by replacing the afm. the only issue left is the car only starts once. a day ish (havent bothered counting hours, but its longer then 3 hrs). i pulled the plugs and cleaned them. so plugs are giving excellent spark. i wondered if it was flooding too..so i started it after like 3 days and let it run for only like 2 seconds. and it wouldnt start again.. it literrally only starts once =[
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