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  1. I found the info I needed, thank you
  2. Hello again, still trying to get my car running correctly, My question is I am running the Extra code 3.2.1 on my megasquirt 2 3.0 board, but I assembled the board to the regular assembly instructions on the megasquirt main site. Is this okay or are there differences in the assembly process that would interfere with operation. Should I switch back to the standard code or change the board to reflect the msextra install. Thank you
  3. ok thanks, how is your vg project coming along
  4. BLOZ UP I am glad you responeded because I had a question for you. I was looking at the dyno graphs on a z31 site and noticed it said you were using 420cc injectors. Were they they the bosch injectors from the 75 mercedes 450sel? because that is what i am using and i heard they are actually 380cc at 43.5 psi can you confirm thanks. Also I believe that my problem maybe ignition related because of how poorly the engine runs in the 13-14 afr range. and I have calibrated my wideband controller itself as well as in tunerstudio
  5. Well thanks for the reply, I am starting to think that the problem is ignition related because when I get the the AFR's to respectable numbers (13-14) The engine will backfire and lean out under load. I really think that it is my ignition system/settings. I will try swapping my msd coil for oem and read more. Thanks again
  6. Hello everybody I have been trying to the car tuned using ve anlyzer,(240z w/vg30et) after having my old injectors replaced which were leaking. The car is idling nicely albeit at a low afr aound 12:1, pulling 20 inches of vacuum at around 850rpm (no IAC). The problem lies in that every time load is introduced the engine will not rev past 3000 rpm and not really past 1500 rpm under load. My VE map at idle is down to 11-12 to get that rich 12:1 idle (too low ve?). I know i can adjust req fuel and rescale map for better afr's. I have 2 questions the first being what to set my injector dead time t
  7. I have an opportunity to buy an E31 head, I have heard that these are rare . What would be a good price to buy/sell one for? Thanks
  8. I Need some clarification on injector flow rate. I have fuel injectors from a 1975 Mercedees 450sel, JWT sells with their "450 kit" and says that they are 420cc injectors. When I look up these same injectors online they are rated at 379.9cc @ 43.5psi. Is JWT assuming that you have to increase your fuel pressure to around 50psi?. On my setup I am running these injectors @37psi (stock psi) , so would that essentilay make them around 323cc@37psi?
  9. The alternator cleared fine after I cut the stock motor mount bracket off of the crossmember. My Crank pulley is just under 2 inches from top of crossmember. The tightest clearance would be between the turbo relocation pipe and the steering shaft around 1/2 inch.As far as the motor being the right height I just lowered it as far down as possible after locating transmission mounts, everyhing fits good.I have driven this setup for about a year with the stock ecu with no clearance problems. Now it is Megasquirt time, so I can take advantage of my big turbo.
  10. Sorry I don't have any pictures of the build in progress. I am running megasquirt but it is not tuned yet. As far as the relocation pipe, yeah a little more lag. Most of the lag came when I replaced the turbo with the larger one I am running now.
  11. You know you own a DATSUN when sportbikes constantly try to race you. You know you own a DATSUN when the Cop who pulled you over asks you "is this thing street legal?" because of how rusty it is You know you own a DATSUN when you rewind the movie your watching because you thought you saw a z in the background. You know you own a DATSUN when people pass your car so there eyes will stop watering.
  12. Hey everbody here are some pics of my car as requested.
  13. yeah i just need to get a photobucket account
  14. hey everybody thought i would share my pre-megasquirted 240z with vg30et drag race video, heres a link: car: 240z with basically stock vg30et 9psi soft launch in this vid tell me what you think
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