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  1. All, I have contacted a machine shop whos willing to start making you guys the spindle pin puller again. Contact Jimmo jlfraughton@aol.com www.darmoenterprises.com He has a full blown cnc and manual machie shop. tell him jtburf John
  2. You really need to drill and tap in a lathe, no Idea why your threads are 1.75, they have always been 1.25. John
  3. If the pin is really stuck and there is not enough heat applied, yes they can strip. John
  4. Drill and tap both ends in the event you strip the threads out you only need to change ends on the puller. The 3/4 reducer goes towards the pin. John
  5. Here is what you will need to build the version I was making. 12" of 3/4"ACME all thread with Nut 10" black iron pipe 1" diameter with a 1" to 3/4" reducer Tap each end with M12 x 1.25, 1.25 inches deep. Merry Christmas everyone, and have a Happy New Year. John
  6. Sorry, I am no longer in the puller making business. John
  7. PMG, It's in todays mail. Sorry folks but I am out of the spindle pin puller business. You all keep up the great work on keeping a classic car on the road. Thanks everyone. John
  8. PMG, There is 1 puller left boxed and ready to be shipped, if your interested in owning it just send payment through PayPal jtburf@swbell.net Please make sure your address it included. Thanks, John
  9. Looks like at this time only 1 puller left. Thanks all, John
  10. Lazlo, PM replied to. down to 2 pullers left. Thanks, John
  11. All, I have 3 pullers ready to ship, when they are gone I will not be making them anymore. PM me or Email me jtburf@swbell.net. Thanks, John
  12. All, Just a heads up, a few of the pullers might have been packaged in the wrong Priority Mail box if your does not arrive by weeks end it will be returned to me postage due I will repackage and reship. (USPS changed the printing on the boxes and I grabbed the wrong ones) Also 9 more pullers will be ready in a week or so. Thanks, John
  13. Sold!!!! All I will consider building another set if there is SOLID commitment from those who said that wanted one. Thanks again all, John
  14. Gang, 1 puller sold pending payment and only 1 puller left. John
  15. Guys who spoke up for one and have not responded I can no longer hold them, They are on a first come first served bases now... John
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