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  1. It just really sucks that i put a roll cage, fully gutted it and put some sweet seats in. Would a 1980 280zx work with my conversion set up? like Driveline, Motor Mounts, Exhaust work???? Thanks guys
  2. I am thinking i will have to cut off the front/ weld in a new one. I am so crushed by this I just got done painting and put memory foam in the bride seats...... CRY Well my friend is a machinest. It would be great help if anyone shows me some links of people that tubed the front. merrry X-mas EVERYONE!!!
  3. Well hit some black ice last night and hit a tree going about 15. Am devastated!!! pictures will say more then i can right now.
  4. i have it in mine and i like it alot.
  5. I had to weld the cracks in mine and it was STOCK!! Not anymore
  6. Bump for two plastic covers
  7. They are the frames that go around the signals. they are black. Black dragon doesnt have them. Thank guys
  8. I have a 78 280z Am looking for Front left and right, turn signal covers. Thank you
  9. Dunlop

    280z grill

    Thanks all .... I found one.
  10. Dunlop

    280z grill

    forgot to say but I have the xeon front bumper.
  11. Dunlop

    280z grill

    Have a 280z and am looking for the front upper and lower grill. Thank you
  12. i am doing mine out of aluminum. it only has a 5/8 lip, will try and get pics.
  13. First got the cheapo steel huggers, would have gone stainless but failed to find them at the time. I coated them and heat treated them, and put exhaust wrap on. This seem to keep the heat out rather well. I do however have the bigger upper hood vents on my 280 and also plan on doing side vents out the fenders. Touch your headers after the engine is warmed up....i can
  14. The reverse problem is because there is a breakthrew plate in order to get into reverse. This is electronically controlled. You can make it work with a button shift knob, or even by messing with the springs. Some even wired it to their BRAKE, so when you brake your can reverse!!!! I did none of that because it doesnt bug me. I dont know about the rest of your problems though.
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