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  1. lost

    VH45DE in Z32

    thats funny. 450zxtt vh45dett powered z32 daily driver...
  2. of course the stock ecu. 450zxtt vh45dett power,baby. since '03.
  3. the parts i have are motor mounts,exhaust manifolds,downpipes for garrett five bolt turbos,rear sump oil pan wpick-up,adapter plate for the z32 manual,and shortly,an intake manifold.there are probably a few more things.i have actually found very little interest out there in reguards to these parts,hence it has been difficult to determine prices.if my guy has to make three or four by hand then it's one thing.if 15 people were losing there minds over this then we could take deposits and have them cnc'd...that would be another thing.we know what is involved with making these parts,if anyone is truly interested,please give me a call at (678)698-7426.we can discuss how many of your friends actually want to do this and pricing and such.otherwise,we will make a couple of one-offs for john dixon and friday in the uk.450zxtt678-698-7426.the 450zxtt has been built and runs,hardparts should sell themselves.........
  4. lost

    450zxtt parts

    new pictures are up...john,friday,i have not forgotten about you... 450zxtt
  5. lost

    450zxtt parts

    http://www.freewebs.com/axepower/ is back up.we will post some new pictures soon. 450zxtt
  6. lost

    450zxtt parts

    we can put any flange you need on the exhaust manifold,i hadn't actually thought about wire harness service.good idea...currently,the 450zxtt runs the 1993 q45 ecu stock.we will play piggyback games for now,and probably go stand alone for the new,low compression motor.the 450zxtt site with the video exeeded its bandwith,we are working on getting it back up. 450zxtt
  7. lost

    450zxtt parts

    the engine is straight out of a 1993 q45,stock.the turbos currently on the car are midsize ballbearing units prepared by reed partridge of turbo specialties,in alabama.i will post some dyno figures soon.thanks for your interest.
  8. lost

    450zxtt parts

    thanks for the replies.the plate will probably go for $485.it allows one to use the 300zx z32 manual transmission with the vh45de.we have not finalized anything yet,but for those looking to build a 450zx/zxtt ( z32)we are putting together a "kit price" for the oil pan,mounts,plate and exhuast manifolds.also,check out a quick video of the 450zxtt in motion at http://www.freewebs.com/axepower/ feel free to email with any particular questions and such,thanks
  9. good luck on your project.i currently drive a 1993 450zxtt.it originally was a 1993 300zx na.it sports a 1993 q45 engine,twin turbos,300zxtt five speed transmission,and 1993 q45 rear end diff/axles.i am using the q ecu.if you are interested in things like motor mounts,oil pan,turbo manifolds,adapter plate for the trans and stuff,let me know.so far john is the only person on this particular site that is interested in this sort of stuff.there are a couple shots of my car at http://www.freewebs.com/axepower/ let me know, slim(678)698-7426 450zxtt you guys can make it happen,i am having a blast driving this car!
  10. lost

    450zxtt parts

    hello,all: we are considering fabbing up some more of the goodies used to put the 450zxtt together.items would include oil pan,adapter plate,downpipes and such.anyone interested? thanks 1993 A.X.E. 450zxtt 5speed
  11. lost

    Vh45de questions.

    there are a couple of pics at the nico forum,or http://www.freewebs.com/axepower/ the car is twin turbo.just make a adapter plate for the trans.if you search,you will find escort racing...
  12. lost

    Vh45de questions.

    in my car i dropped the auto in favor of the tt manual.ecsort makes low comp pistons.so far the engine seems very durable,holding up to boost well.good luck.
  13. lost


    just posted a couple of teaser shots of a vh45dett powered z32...check them out in the photo album.
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