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  1. I guess most of you guys in the States already have sources for good VH engines but since I last posted I have entered into a good working relationship with a supplier of performance cars/engines in Japan and can supply them (and other more exotic conversions on other engines) if needed. All the best, Leigh Email:friday76@lycos.com
  2. You're absolutely right mate. Smooth, immediate power delivery is definately what I'm looking for (one of the reasons the VG30DETT is being replaced). If you come across any info I'd be really interested Feel free to drop me a line on friday76@lycos.com fella Cheers, Leigh.
  3. Well, my engine finally left Yokohama docks on the 18th and all being well should come into the UK docks on April 9th. Starting to get things together this end in preparation for the swap into my Z32 (got a road trip planned for tomorrow with a mate to have a first look at his own VH45 that arrived a few weeks ago) but I'd like to ask some advice if that's ok? I've never particularly given much thought to going down the supercharger route, I'm happy to admit it's not something I know a lot about, but I have to say I'm incredibly interested to find out more. After searching the site I found a thread from back in 2002 regarding Vortech blowers http://forums.hybridz.org/showthread.php?t=78442 Is it still the same situation? Are there any now that people would recommend for the VH45DE engine? Any advice on the subject would be greatly appreciated, (as I said this is definately not my area of expertise ) as I'm sure it will come in handy further on down the line! Cheers, Leigh.
  4. After seeing a set on Ebay and missing out on them' date=' I emailed the sellers shop (Street Bike Perfomance Plus in St. Louis, [email']StreetbikesPlus@aol.com[/email]) to ask if they had any more in stock. The owner, Todd Parker, got back to me and after calling him it just so happened they had two sets left He did me a good price of $200 per set, whereas over here in the UK you can pay up to £200! (and it turned out to be no more than that as I didn't get stung for VAT or Customs Duty my end). The Busa bodies are ideal size wise, they can be seperated and there's the added possibility of using extra injectors with them. Definately a good way to go. Leigh.
  5. Just to update the situation: I finally got myself an engine! I went with F-S-Auto's in the end as the price was good and the service given by Mr Fukada was faultless. The haulage company I'm using have ships leaving weekly from Yokohama docks so with luck it should be on it's way next week! Meanwhile I've taken delivery of a pair of Hayabusa throttle bodies and visited the guy who's going to supply the stand-alone engine management system (with my mate John that's also performing the transplant). It's great that things are finally happening. Thanks for your comments guys Cheers, Leigh.
  6. friday

    450zxtt parts

    Definately interested. Looks like you'll be getting at least two orders from the UK! Leigh.
  7. Thanks for that mate Just emailed them. Been in touch with f-s-auto in Japan and they've come through with the best price yet (by far) of 102,500JPY for an engine thats done 67,000km (approx 42,000 miles). Waiting to see what the import charges will be though. Also about to get in touch with CNS motors in Santa Ana. Cheers, Leigh.
  8. Cheers guys, it's nice to know there's help and info out there! lost: John pointed me in the direction of your site last time he was over...wow...amazing what you've done mate, makes me want to do this even more! Lol! And thanks for the offer of help. Just got to try and find myself an engine from somewhere and I imagine John and I will be in touch! Leigh.
  9. I'm led to believe we didn't get them over here. Ideally I'd be looking for a 1990-93 model before they made changes to comply with emissions regulations. My mate managed to source one in Australia and is just finalising the deal to ship it over but unfortunately the guy supplying it only had the one.
  10. Hi guys, it's with some trepidation that I write this first post as I feel a bit of an imposter on this forum having a very limited knowledge of engineering! I was pointed in this direction by my very good friend and fellow Z owner John Dixon (who maybe some of you know, I believe he's in contact with Zgringo on here?). He's currently getting everything ready to transplant a VH45DE into his Z32 and if I can get hold of an engine myself, he'll perform the same on mine. What I'd like to ask is if anyone can recommend a good source from which to import one? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Leigh.
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