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  1. Here's it is almost there,But It runs and Drives now been putting some miles on it. Still waiting on my CFiber Hood its being made and taking 9 months! SOB!
  2. Bummer I know how you feel,same thing happened to me but with worse results back in May. Sorry to hear that about your goon.
  3. Here are some pictures of my first 1967 520 that I got hit in. And some more pics of under the bed I'm getting ready to coat before it goes back on,and my brakes and dash too. Here's it in How it was before.
  4. Started getting it All back together still need afew things to make and modifi,but other than that its going pretty good. SOON it will be done!
  5. Here's some other stuff I did this past few weeks, got the engine bay primed and ready to fill in some small areas, got the rear brake calipers still need to mount them up. I have the bed inside ready to be worked for the fuel cell so I can fill-up. I hope to have the Cab back on next after the engine bay gets painted.
  6. Frame is Done and started putting it all back together. Got the rearend in and the rear brake brackets in for the rear disc,rear rotors are in just need the calipers. Coilovers are all in. And got the motor back in. I'm going to change all the hardware to the gold zinc bolts and try to stay away from the silver bolts. And put in ARP wheel studs. Started cleaning up the front steering and laying out the rear harness. Will start the cab this weekend and then pull the bed around and start working on them both,getting them ready to be put back on. Clean up alot of my extra parts,new and old parts
  7. My plans for the truck are just a one-of-a-kind Datsun 520,my last one that's was hit got a lot of looks,offers and everything else for building the only SR20det powered 520 pu. So plans are to be a DDriver/show truck that is bad ass and something you will not see like this one. With my last 520 that ran like a champ but lacked all the goodies so why not build this one right. Will keep you all posted!
  8. This is my 2nd truck that I built with a SR20det engine,the first one got total'd by a 91 full size gmc truck so I wanted another 520 truck. So this time around I'm doing it the way I really wanted it. The truck now sits with the engine mounted in and QA1 coilovers at all four corners,a Tri 4-link and the fuel cell and A1000 pump mounted. This truck is going to have disc at all four with Wilwood pedals reverse mount,all SS brake lines and 18's Nissan Titan wheels. I have alot of other parts going on but now am trying to get the frame ready for media blasting. Soon as the frame gets blasted I'l
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