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  1. are those push pull tubes from the flight controls? damn i hate to be the pilot finding that on preflight.
  2. So from what I have figured out so far, is i can do triple webers, the su carbs, or the fourbarrel intake with a holley 390 cfm from arizona z car. I am really considering the four barrel setup for ease of adjustment. this car will be a daily driver, well at least three to four times a week. does anyone know how well this setup works, does it give good performance, mileage, etc, or is the azc guy blowing smoke up my fourth point of contact? Your input is extremely valued, thanks to the knowledgeable old guys:mrgreen: for helping us newbies out.
  3. I have a 1981 l28et right now in my drive way, i am pretty sure it needs a quick run through, i will sell the whole dang car for 500 if your interested, i am in enterprise alabama pm me
  4. Hey guys, was wondering if it is possible to put an N 42 head off of a 75 280z onto a L 24 block in a 72 240z. what problems will i run into, and will it make any power, or just remain the same basically. Please keep it simple, i am in the army for a reason
  5. wow man good info, what year ls1 did you use, what was the donor car, read the whole document, i think i missed it. would it be pretty much the same for like a pontiac gto engine?
  6. Ok so i am new at the l24/datsun engine building trade. I need you guys to break it down barny style for a while. I have a 1972 L24 with E88 head, completely stock. The car will be used for simple autocross events, and just plain old fun. Not meant to be competitive at all. I have a bent valve, so i am looking at a head rebuild at the least. Ok so here is what i am thinking of doing, and i am sure one of you has done it. Take the current head, rebuild it, port polish, maybe have it decked a couple of thousandths. Trying to raise compression to about 10-1. I will most likely have the block checked by a machine shop, have it nicely machined as well, and of course rebuild the bottom end, new bearings, machine the crank if need be, stock rods, maybe performance pistons if i can find them for a decent price. for the cost factor i will probably keep the stock ignition, and upgrade later. I want to get the four barrel intake from azc, and use about a 500 cfm carb. just for ease of tuning. i am new at what cam to use, where to get it, along with springs, keepers, lash pads, rockers. so if you guys could tell me what to do with the head, if useable, and how to have it milled, and a good cam grind, all the technical stuff so i can relay it to the machine shop. I want the power band to be around 2000 to 6000 rpm. car will likely never see more than 7000rpm. thanks guys, and once again please keep it simple, need a good combo to use, and i am definetly a beginner. thanks
  7. thanks for all the advice guys, i bought my second z a week ago, had the first one as a project, but has now become a parts car, mainly for the t5, and diff. so how challenging is the ls1 setup? i am not a novice with cars, but i have a lot to learn. i mean i fix helicopters for a living, how hard could it be? right?
  8. i made the mistake of buying a z car off of craigslist, the floors, and trunk, and bottom of the doors was rusted out. wanted to put in a ls1. i paid 700 for a piece of ♥♥♥♥, now it has become my parts car for a clean, minimal rust 240z. I paid 1900 for a solid 240 with extra sparco seats, a crack free dash, extra tranny, rip free stock seats, and it runs( albeit like crap), and drives, just doesnt stop so well. I found it on ebay two weeks ago. bought it in tennesse. sorry if any of you guys were bidding. just to make it sting a little, if you had gone 100 more, you would have won. and matt if you read this, thanks for the car, nothing but good words for you man. basically i am just saying, dont spend more than 2 k on a car that is going to need 3 k just to be half way decent. get educated before you buy, look at this site, and classic z car. a wealth of knowledge. i have used these guys to help me decide exactly what i want out of my car, and what i need to put in it. dont put the cart before the horse
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