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  1. I'm building a track car for running SCCA Time Trials program - primarily hill climbs . I fall into the category of "for fun" and " running something different" - though one of our recent hill climbs - Chasing the Dragon (Robbinsville NC location) - I believe a v8 z was in top three finishers. I believe in the SE Region of SCCA the car could run in the SPO class for road racing - which is sort of a "catch all" class. Can't really speak about autocross. Mine is an old school build (being an aging Baby Boomer) - 327 Chevy with single 4bbl. My car uses chassis stiffners as well as a full cage. Be glad to provide contact for the race shop that did the cage and chassis work if you will send a PM. (car still a work in progress) Good luck with the build. Wcameron
  2. I would take a cap, shirt at minimum, probably hoodie too . Wcameron
  3. Words like indestructible good to hear, noisy ok - will be in track car. Thanks. (RebekahsZ-found on Craigs list)
  4. Just picked up a Gleason Torsen R200 LSD. Ring gear marked 37:11 which I assume is a 3:36. Any one have experience with these units? Going to use with 327SBC with T5. Thanks. WCameron
  5. I was actually researching that option this morning. May be money well spent. Thanks.
  6. Thanks for the information. Helps narrow down the options. Wayne
  7. Thanks Matt. Just spent a couple of hours reading the history of your build. What a spectacular car! Hope to see it in person one day. Question: turns out my pedal box doesn't fit the tub I am using. See where you used a Tilton pedal assembly. Do you happen to remember the unit you purchased? Any major issues fitting. Thanks Wayne Cameron
  8. Although I joined this forum couple of years ago, just now deep into a project - "wallet deep". I'm building a dedicated 240z track car I plan to use for hillclimbs, track days, etc. Using a 327SBC (aluminum heads, single carb), T5 transmission and R200 rear. (which I bought from a stalled conversion project)(looking for someone to install a Quiafe for me). As an aging Baby Boomer I think this is about all the horsepower I can manage. going with race-weight fiberglass fenders front and rear, fiberglass hood and rear deck lid. Trying to keep weight down. I am using Arizona Z brake kit with 5 lug conversion, and their coil over kit. Not being a welder fabricator I am having a local race shop install cage, etc. Hoping to have car finished by January to start off new season. Would welcome any comments or suggestions. (wheel selection especially) Great forum. WCameron
  9. I hope this is in the right section - I'm new to this forum. Question 1. Building a 240z track car, made from several z cars. Tub I am using came with no pedals. So I assumed I could just swap box from a parts car. Have tried two - one from a 240 and one from a 260. neither seem to line up. about 1/4 inch. off. (see photo). What gives? Any help would be appreciated. Question 2. I see several old threads about mounting aftermarket pedal assembly. Is there a "sticky" on how to do such a sway. Thanks again. Great forum. WCameron
  10. Congratulations on your finish. I'm hoping to run the Sept event and wondered what size tire/wheel combo you are running.I'm building a hybrid Z (old school 327SBC with carb). this is my first post so I hope I'm doing this correctly. great forum. wcameron
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