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  1. Lol thanks for the reply... was getting worried no one had a clue hahaha. Rob
  2. HKS GT2540 - 350 PS Output COMPRESSOR: -Wheel- 46 Trim - 51.7 Inducer / 76.2 Major -Housing- 60 Inlet / 50 Outlet - 0.60 A/R TURBINE: -Wheel- 76 Trim - 53.8 Major / 47.0 Exducer -Housing- T3 inlet / Internal Skyline Type oulet - 0.64 A/R There are the stats... which dont make any sense to me haha. But my friend has one with no shaft play and super LOW miles...for a super "friendly" price. I have an l28et i am planning on rebuilding sometime this summer. As far as goals are... im not looking for a high power monster... really just looking to have a reliable 250-300 hp with low lag. So whatchall think? Thanks again, Rob
  3. Im also relatively interested and see myself purchasing a set of coilovers one way or another this summer. But alas i also drive a 280
  4. Got one on the way... thanks guys!
  5. Would you be willing to part the stacks of the dcoe 40s? If so pm me. Thanks Rob
  6. Not in the mood to pay 50-100 bucks for a gas cap. If you have a large one for the early zs let me treat you to a nice dinner for it. Lmk whatcha got / condition / price. Thanks Rob
  7. Curious if anyone knew if there was a difference between the OEM ball joints and the no name ball joints on motorsport autos website? The price difference is so huge i just have to make sure im not missing something. Thanks Rob IE here http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/CTGY/SSSC01D
  8. Gotta love those german wagons =) I Drive a 2001 325xiT with a 5spd =)
  9. Would you be willing to split the tach, water, and possibly speedo out? Thanks Rob
  10. Dibs on the rear light cover w / speakers if buyer backs out. Pm me Thnx
  11. As much is i LOVED the sound of my carbed l28.... ive always wanted a boosted car.... im kinda looking into an sr20det swap... or an l28et if i can find one in decent enough condition. Ill give that shop a call and see if its still hanging around. For the time being i feel ive already spent enough on the car.... im kinda itching to have her on the road.... specially since i just got insurance and registered it =( So... we got the cheap route.... and the expensive route.... What to do....
  12. Rough night tonight.... wasnt even pushing her too hard and blew a headgasket.... what to do now.... looking into a swap.... maybe l28et... maybe sr20det? Any ideas / anyone have a cheap l28et laying around the triangle?
  13. Hahahaha... the scooter got phased out of the transportation scene a while ago. I got a 1981 Yamaha 250 Exciter now to get me around when i want the wind on my helmet lol. Hows that gl1000? haha even 600 CC bikes give me the creeps haha. I drove my cousins cb600RR with every bell and whistle he could have on it.... i just bout ♥♥♥♥ my pants hitting 12k in 3rd it was insane. But hey if you see a cb350/360 round your parts for cheap let me know im in the market for a little more power =)
  14. Definitly the man.... i <3 him worked on my bmw since i decided i hated the stealership
  15. Im 23 this year. With 5 points currently on my license. It cost me 476 and change for 6 months = But with my record i can be happy with that. Getting caught at triple digits is not good for you. Financially that is =)
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