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  1. Have you found the link to those mirrors im quite interested in them as they sound so far.
  2. Im Looking to Get My Motor Next Month Wanted to find what you guys were using or making to mount the motor and trans? I saw that s30's have a kit from mckinney motorsports has anyone ever modified these for the s130? any help pics and/or measurements would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Tank is full thats wat i thought at first gonna jack the car up n take a look tomorrow try n figure this out cuz im confused haha.
  4. Ok so I have a 1981 280zx with the 83' turbo motor in it and so far the car has been running decent and getting better everything is stock except the fuel pressure reg, front mount intercooler, and BOV greddy. I was driving the car last night and the car does something really weird i will floor it and the car will bog like it has a boost leak or something but wen i hit a turn or a hump on the highway it goes away and the car takes off like a bat out of hell and it returns back after a lil bit on the straightaway. What could cause this? I was thinking maybe sensor? My friend Was Saying Maybe a Short Or Fuel Pump?
  5. Quick question wats the steering wheel lock nut size n thread size? the car is the 1981 s130 with power rack and pinion steering.
  6. my 81 s130 does not have this solenoid on it if i hook it directly to the W port on the Vac program switch should it still operate? I would love to get everything back in tomorrow this is the only thing holding me back...
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