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  1. Steve just commented to me via facebook and offered the same cam to me. I'm curious if after a year, anyone has any experience.
  2. Well I haven't posted up any progress for a while mostly because I haven't had any hahaha. I I've been pretty busy with my new baby boy but have been squeezing in some garage time in between naps. one weekend i went through all the hydraulics. spent a couple hours clearing out all the brake lines and installing a new master cylinder, but of course the calipers and wheel cylinders are frozen. When it came to the clutch i replaced the clutch master and slave cylinder but i think the clutch disk is rusted to the fly wheel and pressure plate because i still cant get the car into neutral when runni
  3. I have a 72 240Z for sale, as the ad states I do not have a title or keys and there is extensive rust in the rockers, floors, hatch, as well as other common rust areas on Z's. The engine is an E88 head and P30 block backed by a 4 speed all in unknown condition. Looking to get it out of my garage, I just don't have the space for it. I am located in Salem, OR and am asking $850, please feel free to call or text 949-378-6460. Thanks, Matt EDIT: car will come with black steel wheels, a 280z steering wheel, and without the rear bumper and glovebox door.
  4. I haven't gotten one yet, and I didn't realize there were revisions of the AZZC manifold! Or do you mean another brand? Either way I'm interested. Could you send a picture and how much you're asking?
  5. As title says, I'm looking for an AZZC 4 barrel manifold, would consider other manifolds except 4 barrel adapter to SU manifold. Already have carb and only need manifold. Price shipped to 97303 OR
  6. Also received mine today. Thanks Ryan, your the man! Let me know if you ever do a run in babies onesie's!!
  7. Clean looking build!! I've got a couple questions for you though, are you using the factory clutch master cylinder? What size primaries are your headers? I'm wondering because on hawk's site I saw everything from 1 3/4" TO 2" primaries. Or does any size fit?
  8. Thank you. Yes I've got some pent-up energy, but being inside for the last 6 days will do that to anyone.
  9. Well, it's been a long time coming, so I'll start with a little back story. When I was 16 in 2005 or so I bought my first Z, a very rust free and original 1972 240Z. Unfortunately at the time I didn't know much about cars. My dad and I were working on installing a stereo and got bit by the "while your at it bug" and decided to redo all the interior. The problem came when we ripped the dash out and didn't pay enough attention or label things. I attempted putting the dash back in a few times but always had connectors left over. So there my Z sat while I went to school, worked full time, chase
  10. I've wanted to do this for a year or so now, maybe even run some boost! Many companys are making these self learning TBI and MPI setups, Holley, Edelbrock, MSD, and Fast to name a few. I think the biggest plus to a self learning system like the Atomic EFI and the many others that are out there is that I don't have to pay anyone to tune it or try and figure it out my self! Would love to see some builds!
  11. Need a Z first =/ I came from Southern California where rust free Z's were plentiful. Up here in the Pacific North West all the Z's in my price range that I've looked at are rust buckets...
  12. awesome, unfortunately none of the pics work anymore in your build thread. do the auto trans cross members work? And will I need a manual trans drive shaft?
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