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  1. Cool, except everything I want to do involves a huge tear-down. Nice of you to give back though!
  2. Updating the contact list! The past few weeks have been super crazy for me. Hopefully we can get a meet going in the next few.
  3. Well, my car got hit on Friday night by someone backing out of a driveway. Now I need a new DS door. And since having an old car with one color of crappy paint is okay but having an old car with multiple colors of paint is trashy, I will be finishing the body work on my z and repainting her sometime this fall. On the bright side, my bagged Volvo is moslty done and driveable now. What a weekend.
  4. Emailed the new contact list out today. Hopefully you all got it.
  5. My valve seats are original and I don't run treatment. I'll replace them if they wear out (though from what I've heard, many people don't run lead or treatment and don't have noticable issues). Probably I'll destroy some other part of the engine first (or just replace the whole thing). After 73 you're supposedly running hardened ones anyway.
  6. Yeah, I'm making a list of Z people from the PNW area. Just PM me as per my post above.
  7. Please do, I'm always down to help. My Z is out here now. I had it at Nissan Fest and a few other things. You'll see it around sometime, I'm sure. Austin's Z runs now, BTW.
  8. I'm sure I sound like a broken record but I really like the Hayden fan controllers. I've used them on both of my Z's and on several other builds I've worked on. They come with all the required wiring and connectors. You can pick up a Hayden 3647 at Orielle's for $36. They have them behind the counter so you'll have to ask. That's the dry sensor model so the probe just goes in your radiator fins. /shameless plug for a company that isn't paying me You can tap the engine power circuit as it comes off the relay on the firewall for the switched power. I had mine wired differently
  9. Okay, just make sure all your dash wiring is correct. We'll figure out how the dash connects to the car on Saturday. Then you have to help me finish my bags.
  10. Wow, RCAs were the best $70 upgrade I've thrown at this car. They were light enough that I could lift them but had enough mass that I could throw them pretty hard. But really... now my car doesn't feel like it's going to fall apart every time I hit a bump.
  11. Roll-center adjusters (RCAs) acquired. Time to fix that naaaasty bump-steer.
  12. It's a Saturday night and I'm hanging out on the internet...
  13. The more the merrier. Yeah, the most expensive part of the GCs winds up being the dampers. I Have a pair of BZ3099s NIB for sale if anyone is interested. Cool, I'll go ahead and add you but I probably won't resend the list until next weekend.
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