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  1. just about ready to trash it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'll give it on more try on monday
  2. know what ever I try I can't get fire to the plugs.......thanks for your helo Ps: i've tryied two different coils to be on the safe side. still no fire to the plugs,,,,,,,,
  3. I have ckeck every thing to check. Rplaces, plugs in order, replace cap in order. replaced roto, change spark plus. replace ignitinon control module, checked all fuse blocks. checked fuses.checked fuse conections. put in a knew battery. check fuel preasure. I even cleaned all grounds. I think I bought a dude !!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I' sick of it I think I've read every posting on this site
  4. Well It's clear this was the wrong place to come for help...........
  5. car still down ............ no fire
  6. Thank you Mayolives for your help! I was trying to trace the problem because it ran great one day and I parked it, the next morning I went out and it wouldn't crank. I knew it already needed a new cap and rotor just by appearance, I felt " well go ahead and replace plugs to" . I read another posting about the coil so I just replaced it too. Did not help. I replaced everything just as it was.......it stopped running before I replaced anything. when you hit the switch the engine turns over just like it did before the plus want fire, I even pulled it out and placed it aginst metal and did not see a spark "I did have help with that one.. :] I'm at a point where I'm not sure what to try next ? I'll be checking for your help thank you oh yes my cap does look like that.
  7. Just bought this car and it ran great...... went out to start it and it wouldn't fire. I've got fuel pres, but no fire. Replaced plugs , cap , rotor. Still can't get it to fire. I need help asap. Thanks:-|
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