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  1. I just wanted to make my own strut bar. I thought this would be a different way to do it. I also remember seeing Indian Larry do a chain bike and that gave me the idea. Its sturdy and works well. I know it doesn't real go with anything, but oh well. It serves its purpose and was fairly cheap to make.
  2. "> "> "> ">"> The next pic shows where I molded in a gas filler door for a lumina van. ">Now for the finished pics after about 8-10 thin coats ">">">">">">">">">This last pic show a custom chain link strut bar I built for the accord. Now too bad for a $50 paint job, Huh? ">
  3. I don't own a Hybrid but I have done the $50 Rustoleum Paint Job. While browsing the web I came across this thread. I figured I'd show my results as I took many pics throughout the process. This was my first time ever trying this paint method. I am sold on it. Heres a quick link to all my photos. It's worth checkin out. http://www.flickr.com/photos/widebodyaccord/ ">">My 1996 Honda Accord with a custom wide body before the Rustoleum Gloss white painted was rolled on. I did all the work myself. ">"> Heres a pic with about 3 coats rolled on. I mixed Rustoleum Gloss white with mineral spirits."> ">">
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