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  1. devil280Z

    1J and 2J motor mounts

    I sold one already. Have one more already made and plan on making some more here soon. But not much I can do until I get home. Hoping that once I drop my jz motor in I'll get motivated to finish.
  2. devil280Z

    1J and 2J motor mounts

    I bought the plans for 1j/2j mounts from beta motor sports. I'm deployed right now but when I get back home I will be making some up to sale. Just throwing that out there for those interested. They set the motor back much further than the CX racing kit but they do require some welding. Anyways I will start posting some for sale when I get back home in April, keep an eye out for them.
  3. devil280Z

    I have 2jz motor mounts!!!

    I'm deployed to Afghanistan right now. Won't be back home until April some time. My fiance might be able to dig one of them out when she moves us into a new place in a few months but until then none for sale. Sorry guys. Hopefully when I get back I will be able to get some progress made on these. Life has me pre occupied with other things. But I will let you guys know!
  4. devil280Z

    Megasquirt 2jz

    I have the ms3 pro for my 1jz vvti, have yet to get everything running though. Been busy with other stuff.
  5. devil280Z

    ecu and vvti question

    For everything I've read, most people don't like the VVTI because its a little harder to tune. As long as you can find a good tuner near by its a much better motor. Get your torque at lower rpms, runs smoothing and much more fuel efficient.. Downfall is after market. If you want to stay south of 500hp not a problem got vvti, if you want a huge HP motor than got GTE. Either way great motors!!
  6. devil280Z

    I have 2jz motor mounts!!!

    I posted two for sale on a FB for sale forum. Only one is left. I don't want to post them for sale on this thread because admins will delete it. And I need to donate money to this site again to post on the for sale section here. I have one made and will try and make two more before I deploy in a couple weeks. So if you want one we will need to find a way to make this happen.
  7. devil280Z

    1jz VVTI 240

    I'm still here, I just hit a wall on my project. Its super close to being done too! Lol. I leave for a deployment in about 3 weeks and when I get back I will definitely get this thread going again!! Also thanks for your support.
  8. devil280Z

    1jz VVTI 240

    Yeah, its super anoying. But when its done it will be amazing!!
  9. devil280Z

    1jz VVTI 240

    Lmao I'm lacking inspiration right now also :-/. I would love to finish it right now but I'm getting ready to go back to Afghanistan so I'm just going to finish it next year when I get back. I thinkni want to paint it also so it will be super sexy when I'm finally done!
  10. devil280Z

    I have 2jz motor mounts!!!

    Yeah I remember. Yeah I'm thinking $400 per and in it Tucson AZ. I pretty much have 2 ready to go just need to be cleaned up. If I get any interest in them I will get them cleaned up and posted in the for sale forum or on facebook.
  11. devil280Z

    I have 2jz motor mounts!!!

    Yeah I'm aware of that, I was just planning on painting/powder coating everything but what gets welded to the frame rails.
  12. devil280Z

    I have 2jz motor mounts!!!

    Thanks, I'm looking forward to finally getting them put in my Z! I actually don't live in Alaska I was just out there for work in anchorage.
  13. devil280Z

    I have 2jz motor mounts!!!

    Got the tubes bent properly and welded 2 up today. Just need to cut off the fat and paint them.
  14. devil280Z

    1jz in a Z, gas mileage.

    Wow that's awesome. I will definitely be happy with high 20's or low 30's!!
  15. devil280Z

    I have 2jz motor mounts!!!

    Well I'm glad you said something. My friend that helped me make them does structural welding for airplanes and said it would be fine but I'd rather be safe than sorry.