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  1. nissun1

    Parting Out 1981 280ZXT

    Where are you located?
  2. I'm looking for 2 windshield washer nozzles. Would you have them?
  3. nissun1

    This car is gone. No more parts from it. Sorry

    I'm looking for 2 windshield washer nozzles. Would you have them?
  4. nissun1

    S30 parts some performance parts

    Pm'd and emailed but still no reply
  5. nissun1

    240Z Parts for sale

    Antenna still available?
  6. nissun1

    240Z Parts for sale

    Antenna still available?
  7. nissun1

    Lots of Z parts........

    Pm sent
  8. nissun1

    Tank Straps

    Looks like these could work on a 240/260/280z running a the larger tank setup. I measured the stock 240z straps and one came out to 33" and the other 26". The width is bigger by about 3/4" in comparison to the stock setup and for $51 is not that bad since they're becoming hard to find new. http://shop.advanceautoparts.com/p/spectra-premium-fuel-tank-straps-includes-2-straps-st191/20370560-P#fragment-2 These could work also for a 240z tank: http://shop.advanceautoparts.com/p/spectra-premium-fuel-tank-straps-includes-2-straps-st139/20370180-P?vehicleIdFromReq=-1&isAllVehicle=true&vehicleIdSearch=-1&searchTerm=st139&showTitle=#fragment-2
  9. nissun1

    Parting out a 1975 280z 2+2

    PM sent
  10. nissun1

    RB20DET CXRacing Mount?

    So I decided to go stock just for now until I can save up for the McKinney mounts. Would the round puck style insulators work well with using the stock mounting brackets? If so I can just go with that instead..McKinney sells theirs for $45..but stock mount insulators go for $150 on average. Here's the link: http://www.mckinneymotorsports.com/prod_motor+mount+styles Alternatively, I figured I could use the same style puck mount from a 1960/1961 Ford Falcon which would be cheaper because they run for $8 each. (Thats only if it can work)