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  1. Very true. If its a solid base color. you might be able to get away with that. However, since you already sanded it, post some pics from up close. You have to look at the texture first before you go any further. If its a metallic you will not be able to do this, if will show through to the end. The metallic flakes will not spread properly, they will be textured and there will be lighter and darker spots, in most cases. Just telling you from experience, if you take shortcuts now, it will most likely show through the end. This is the best and easiest time to fix anything. I've been
  2. That blotchiness will show through the clear. What i would recommend would be to block sand with wet 400 to 600 grit. What size gun tip are you using for your base? What kind of gun? What kind of paint are you using? Are you using reducer and how much? What's the weather like? How Old is the paint? If you can answer that it would make it a little easier to point you in the right direction. All those things as well as others can have effect on your paint. To me it looks like you may have not used enough reducer or your reducer is drying to fast? Also your a
  3. And let me add, im not trying to belittle the forum by any means, I think its a wonderful tool and a great resource which i have used many times and has helped me when i get stuck. Its the first place i go to when i need help on my Z. I just dont have the time to constantly be on here.
  4. Hi once again. im sorry i dont have time to be on the forums all day. Email is a million times easier for me. If all the affected parties could please send me an email to paezfs@verizon.net, I will create a special group and email you guys updates that way as a group. i work all day and spend time with my family at night, thats the only way I can do it on my phone. I can also send pictures easier that way. I dont have time to create a URL for each picture. If you guys then feel the need or the obligation to post my updates on here that is fine. I will still try and do it but the
  5. Sorry guys im gonna have to post those pics later today when i get some time. I cant seem to be able to post them without a link. Ill figure it out later today.
  6. i havent started the molds yet. i just finished the plugs completely about a week ago. ill post pics of those. wish i had some extra hands to show them on the cars. test fitted them on 4 different cars and the fit is great. they just need to be polished before molding. im hoping to have them molded by new years. we shall see. im gonna take a few pics of plugs now and upload them.
  7. hey guys sorry been busy, not gone im still here, website is down. im not selling any of those items until i get the new molds. im only going to be selling bumpers and flares from now on. everything else is too much of a hassle to ship so im not going to deal with it. website will probably change names. if you have been emailing me at xclusivekoncepts that is also down so i have not received any of those. i will try and upload the bumper pics tonight. busy for a few more hours but ill try and do it tonight.
  8. I will have updates today and pics as well. will reply to all pms. all this evening
  9. Hi guys sorry ive been distant lately. trying to finish up a huge project thats coming to an end over the next couple of days. i have the plugs done. still have not molded them. im gonna be busy with this car over the weekend but come monday i will be molding both bumpers. molds will be ready about wednesday and i will start producing the new bumpers the following week. taking thursday and friday off. they will start shipping on or after the 26th. i will be contacting all the people involved with expecting dates of shipment. i will be doing about two or three sets a week., right now i believe
  10. Update. The front bumper seems to be ready to mold. i have an extra set of hands coming tomorrow to verify that whether or not something needs to be changed. it seems to fit up against the body very snug with about an eight inch gap all the way around. i will try and take pics tomorrow. my guess would be that by next week i will be able to start making the new bumpers. i will upload a list of the people that will be getting new bumpers in the next couple of days and in the order they are going out. Im only going to be able to do 2 or 3 sets a week but should get to all the affected parties in
  11. hi. i just replied to your email about 5 mins ago actually. please check
  12. hi guys just wanted to update on the status of xclusivekoncepts.com. the site is still up as that. i know there has been some confusion that i was changing that over to jdmflares.com. I am not, they are two separate entities. I uploaded the wrong files to xclusivekoncepts.com by accident and that was showing up as the wrong website. The issue has been fixed. They are two separate things i just made a mistake when i published the files as they are both on the same software. also an update on the bumpers. The new ones should definitely be molded by the end of the week. tha
  13. @ r_3 yes that would be your best bet. im sending you a pm right now.
  14. @ r-3. You will be taken care of but i cant right now so you must wait. You are right and I agree. The bumpers are not right and that is the reason they are being redesigned. I bought used molds and took the previous owners word. Bad idea. I am giving up my weekends with my family to make sure I get on track with these parts and take care of people. I could have taken the easy way out and screwed everyone but I am still here trying to do the right thing. Im not gonna lie and say i didnt think about it, I could be at home relaxing right now but im still working and trying to get things
  15. @ kcelectronics. thank you we are trying our best to make good quality parts. i am almost ready to mold that front bumper. ill upload pics tomorrow. @ r_3 . I spoke to you last week and again earlier today. not sure how that's ignoring you for 3 weeks? Like i said not everyone is going to be happy, but I'm still trying to work with you. I don't mean to ignore your specific needs, but to be honest that might just be easier. I need to focus on the big picture and provide the masses with a solution not just one person. If you can wait for me to take care of it I most certainly will, if
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