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  1. NICE WORK ! I'm excited for you, lots of work to get to this point. Cheers, PETE
  2. Hey Ross, I can give you a hand with that AN tubing if you want. I have access to a nice flaring machine. Looking at the photo of your flare I suspect you have some issues with the extrusion marks on the tubing ID transfering to the flared surface.This is more of a problem with some imported tubing than domestic produced. At the smaller diameters (less than 3/4")it is workable. What wall thickness do you have.035"? and are you using 316 or 308ss? Sorry I was unavailable last week,I will be back at work Monday. Pete
  3. I assume that the autometer sender bolt pattern is different than the OE sender. Can you think of any reason I could not keep all the factory gauge components if the tank penetration was made to accomodate the OE sender ?
  4. Ron, Good point, that a single point failure is going to leave you stranded with this type of stand alone aftermarket F\I. As where the OE will allow limp home function. I agree that the distributor trigger is sufficient in this case, I guess I got sidetracked making the point that there is some merit to having a crank trigger. Respectfully ,Pete
  5. Ross, I am with you on pursuing the most accurate timing method possible. I have spent some time around an engine dyno and I can tell you that one a degree error in ignition timing on a high compression (16:1+CR)engine is critical, big horspower gain/loss or melted pistons.I would also mention that most OEMs have used both a cam and crank sensor (even in the absence of variable cam timing).
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