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  1. I answered your question in your other thread: FYI, it's easy to find answers to your questions, as they have been asked and answered hundreds of times the the past. In a Google search type in the following. 1983 280zx crank sensor site:hybridz.org The key is following your search terms with "site:hybridz.org" to restrict the search to Hybridz.org. Good luck and happy searching!
  2. It has a sensor located in the distributor. I would install the fuel management system that you or your tuner are most familiar with.
  3. It would be useful to post up the year of the car and whether it is stock or not. Assuming it's stock, there are significant differences between late and early 280z models and each have common problems. Also, tell us about the current situation so we can help diagnose.... Did you verify that the injectors are not getting 12v while cranking? Was it running previously and just suddenly stop? Has the car been sitting for a long time? Have you done an in depth search of this site. The best way I have found to do it is to use your friend Google: "stock injectors not firing site:hybridz.org" In a Google search follow your search terms with "site:hybridz.org" and it will focus on this site.
  4. I love the stainless surrounds around the tips. Did you custom make those?
  5. Congrats! Sounds like it's a pretty well sorted car! How well did it hold up to the other cars? I love the e30, my favorite beemer.
  6. Great thread and keep it coming! I went to my first drift event, Lone Star Drift this past Saturday with my 16 yo son. We had a great time. I was surprised how many Zs were there. There were mostly 350z, but there were a few S130 and Z31s in the mix.
  7. Been driving the car around a bit. I finally got the idle tuned good enough the it doesn't die every time I let off the throttle, lol! Does anybody know of a good resource for tuning "modern" efi, specifically a system similar to Wolf v500? Seems like Haltec is similar since the owners of both companies used to be partners at Haltech, at least that's what I remember from internet folklore.
  8. It's a beauty! It's probably the most tastefully modded cars I've ever seen seen. Well done sir!
  9. This my friend is how we learn I've made many and I'm sure, despite my best efforts will continue to do so. I have the same setup but haven't noticed a dead zone, but it was about 10 years ago when I installed the zx master cylinder and I don't recall what I did regarding the push rod. I'll take note next time I drive the car. I DID make the mistake of keeping the 7" brake booster. It takes quite a bit of force on the petal to stop the car quickly. Should have upgraded while I was at it... Cheers, Ross
  10. Love the attention to detail! I will be doing this someday too. Right now I'm running the dim as hell stock lights.
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