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  1. +1 what grannyknot said and be prepared to get yourself and everything in the immediate area very dirty.
  2. rossman


    Sure it's possible. Make a custom compressor bracket or a pre-made RB unit and install a Vintage Air unit under the dash.
  3. Get the OEM graphite impregnated gasket.
  4. It sounds really good! Looking forward to some dyno numbers.
  5. 1) U-joints - Safety first, a completely failed one might ruin your day and it will improve the driving experience 2) Vintage Air - Comfort is important and you will love climate control 3) Rear Control Arms - Will save you money in tires I went with T3 4) Strut bars - I love the look of my Cusco front strut bar. On the rear I have a semi-custom unit I picked up years ago on HZ 5) Bumpers & Speaker brackets - Prioritize brackets 1st if your speakers are loose, just sitting in the hatch due to safety concerns
  6. Yup, agree with the above posts - select pieces would be good...I already have Baddog frame rails and sub-frame connectors.
  7. I'm just passing on my experience and opinion. Take it FWIW. I prefer to use ospho first then epoxy paint. YMMV 😁
  8. My experience with POR 15 has not been good and I tend to put rust bullet in the same category. Without going too much off topic, I will say that the PO of my car told me that he had treated the floor and hatch with POR 15 rust encapsulator. I purchased the car back in 2008 and he treated it some time before that. By the time I got around to fixing the rust issues on the floor of the car, I found that the POR 15 came off easily and there was rust still spreading underneath. Judging by the poor workmanship everywhere else the guy touched the car I presume that he simply painted over the existing rust and the result was that the rust continued to spread, hidden under a thin shell of "rust encapsulator." In my opinion, these products are all about the marketing and much less about actual rust prevention. Anyway, I just thought I'd share my experience and opinion FWIW. I love the build!!!!
  9. Looks fantastic! I bet you are excited after all this time to finally have it painted. It's nice to see an unmolested body - I never was a fan of fender flares on the S30.
  10. Can't wait to see it painted! I'm just now reading thru your thread. Not sure how I missed it before. Keep up the great work and please keep sharing! I have dropped the ball on my build thread due to shear laziness.
  11. Nice find! It reminds me that I need to rebuild mine. The wiper switch is a little flaky.
  12. I'll take this rearview mirror, the one pictured with the light brown background. Is the ball joint tight?
  13. Welcome, and congrats! Looks like a beaute! The first thing you'll want to do is download a copy of the factor service manual, EFI bible, and "How to Restore..." If you are not planning to modify it you might want to check out classiczcars.com. Good luck!
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