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  1. Isky is a good one that I've used. There are others. Read up on how to set up a reground cam. You'll need new, thicker lash pads to get the geometry correct.
  2. If what you have is working well I would stick with it. To convert the P90A right, you'll need the solid posts, new rockers, and a good cam. I've had bad luck with Schneider cams. Regrind your stock cam if you want to go that route.
  3. I purchased a 280z back in 2007 that had the AFM mounted in front of the radiator. It worked reasonably well. The setup was prone to knock @ only 5 psi of boost but I believe that was caused by the lack of an intercooler and the crappy old school turbo. I considered running water/meth injection until I figured out that I was going to be severely restricted by the stock fuel injection system. https://photos.app.goo.gl/jpC3ZFQfBXYC3DgT9
  4. Wow, that looks great! Does it simply clip over the top and bottom of the lip and capture it? I also have the same flimsy urethane air dam.
  5. +1 for bling factor too! Looks great! Awesome build - please keep the updates coming! 👍
  6. Sounds like a great project. I will be watching!
  7. Whatever you do, make sure you weld in trap door baffles to help prevent oil starvation. You do know that there are off the shelf high performance oil pans right?
  8. It does look new, which leads me to suspect it's a CWC cam core. As far as I know there are only two cam cores - Nissan, denoted by "JAPAN" cast on the core, and aftermarket denoted by "CWC." But, I could be completely wrong. I do know that CWC cam cores are not hardened correctly and fail early in life By the way, the experts on these engines typically communicate on the Facebook Group "Church of the L Series." Go there if you want more opinions. Like any social media site, you have to filter thru those who think they are experts and those that are experts.
  9. By the way, what core did your cam builder use? It doesn't look like a regrind.
  10. Yah, it's a very informative thread. About half way down it tells you how to select lash pad thickness on a budget - with a standard aftermarket lash pad (flat bottom) and small pieces of feeler gauge.
  11. Thanks for sharing! You asked for comments so here are a few.... Who is your intended audience? Novices? If so, I would recommend covering more of the basics. Like setting up from the beginning. I the first video what you are really doing is verifying the cam wipe pattern after you installed the correct lash pad. Was it just blind luck that you got the correct lash pad the first time? How did you pick the lash pads you are using? You should address that in your video to be helpful in "lash pad sizing."
  12. You might have better luck asking stock zcar questions on www.classiczcars.com. That forum is geared more towards stock cars. Why not purchase a used one and have it rebuilt? Better yet, rebuild it yourself. I know there is at least one rebuild documented on this site. Most of us on HZ would look for a more modern upgrade that can handle additional power. And on that note, a 240sx gearbox is an easy upgrade. I went with a z32 gearbox but that requires an adapter plate and machining of the bell housing. 350z, CD09 6 spd is a great one too and you can still buy the kits.
  13. Pull the head and take it to a machine shop to remove and helicoil it. Sometimes there's no way to get around it.
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