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  1. That's interesting. Thanks for the heads up. It's certainly worth more reading as it's a PITA to get the liners out. Most of the info I've found on the heads with liners is dated, and written when better heads were still plentiful.
  2. Honestly I'm not the right guy to answered your questions regarding porting an enngine. There are far more experienced people on HZ, or at least there used to be. I was referring to the runners being tapered. Wider at the plenum than the head. I port matched my intake and head but I'm running a custom tapered runner intake. I also turbo'd my car for the most bang for buck while keeping the l6. I will also be turboing my son's ZX. He has the later p79 round port head with exhaust liners. We plan to remove the liners.
  3. Personally, I think you are over thinking it unless you are building a high end race engine but it doesn't sound like that from reading your post. You didn't talk about the rest of your build. Should we assume that you are optimizing the rest of the system so that the details you are worried about will make a significant difference? I would assume that you are running full custom EFI. You should also consider getting a better flowing intake that is actually wider at the plenum - like the one that ProTunerz makes or you could design and build your own. As an alternative you could cut off th
  4. The front end of my first s30, a bone stock '76 would lift up at ~70mph, at least that's what I remember. It's been 30 years or so. Agree with Calz that it's a matter of personal taste. Stick with what you got, you may end up preferring them. Personally, what I don't like about projector type headlights on the S30 is what they look like lit up. I prefer the more traditional look of an old-school headlight.
  5. It sux to have to cover up that beautiful header but overall your setup still looks amazing.
  6. I didn't know either so after a bit of Googling I got a hit to a company selling a 3.4L RB30 stroker kit.
  7. Very cool wingwalker! I have to check out your book. Thank you for your service! As a kid brought up on Looney Tunes, every time I see Walla Walla WA, I think of the Little Giant Vacuum Cleaner Co. 😆
  8. Yah, after more consideration I believe I'm passing on an internet myth. I'll confirm with one of the thermo analysts at work when I get a chance. Yup, confirmed. There are "other reasons" to run at higher temperatures but I'm not going to guess or pass on more myths
  9. A hotter thermostat slows the coolant thru the engine allowing more time for thermal conductivity from the water jackets to the coolant thus pulling more heat out.
  10. Yep, I wasn't going to bring it up since I didn't want to derail the thread but...I have a printer in my lab at work that will print Ultem plastic that has a glass transition temperature of over 400F. Printing in metal tends to be much more expensive than machining, but if it's something that cannot be easily machined (which this can) or requires multiple processes to produce (which this does not) then all of a sudden printing metal can make sense.
  11. Yep, understood. It could be printed fairly easy, maybe in ultem or some other high temp plastic. Protolabs could give you a quick online quote. You'd loose the "cool" factor though!
  12. Looking good! I have your original one, might have sell it and get this one :). There is more to it than laser cutting, right? The shape appears like it would have to be milled or casted. When do you expect to start selling them?
  13. Lookin' good! If you haven't already, you should consider porting the wastegate hole. Make the ID of the hole about 2mm smaller than OD of the flapper. Also round off any sharp edges where it transitions to the turbine. What is that material you are using for heat shielding around your manifold and turbine?
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