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  1. Thanks for the insight. I plan on a complete tear down and thorough inspection with the next year or so and take it from there
  2. You guys are starting to make me nervous. I knew going in I’d be in for a long haul
  3. No, but I drove it as a daily for 4 years prior to selling it and it did stay outside I had an apartment with no garage.
  4. Soo I bought it back. Here’s some pics of the current body rust situation. I’ll try to get some of the underside when I get it on a lift at work
  5. Thanks guys, the consensus from the Z community so far is to pay what he's asking or at least close to it. I may offer a bit less and see what he says...can't hurt to ask right
  6. I apologize if this seems like a no brained answer for some but I honestly am not good when I comes to value of selling or buying used items period so any input would be greatly appreciated as I would like to be fair to both myself and the current owner.
  7. Hey everyone, so here’s the scoop. I sold my 1977 280, that I was modifying and using as a daily driver, back in 2015. I embarrassingly enough don’t remember exactly how much I sold it for but current owner said $3700, I though it was around about that or $4k. I had sold it because the frame rails, lower rad support and common areas like the rear rockers and lower rear of the quarters were starting to rust through and I was getting married. I had a very big attachment to the vehicle as my late grandmother had helped me purchase the vehicle at the time but I don’t want to make a bad decision solely on sentimental value. I am now in a position where I can buy it back from him. Info on the car: 1977 280Z Has about 50,000 miles on rebuilt engine Megan Racing coilovers with camber plates Techno Toy Tuning front and rear adjustable control arms Arizona Z Car steering knuckles MSA headers and custom exhaust Champion radiator JDM fender mirrors body work to remove rear bumper and smooth out rear end and delete antenna wheels and tires And then a bunch of routine upkeep items like alternator, clutch kit, slave cylinder, SS brake lines *all work and mods done by me prior to selling vehicle with the exception of some fuel lines and hoses and pump he replaced He is offering it to me for $4600 and everyone that doesn't know anything about Z cars thinks I shouldn’t be paying more than I sold it to him for if he didn’t do anything to increase the value. In fact the body and rust is in worse condition than when I sold it to him. The rust on the rockers and rear quarters have grown to allow a few fingers through now and the nose of the hood is rusting now too. He says he was planning on just patching the rust in the wheel wells and repairing the frame rails and he’d be able to get $6-7k for it. I went and drove it on Monday and from what I can see it will need a lot of body and frame rust repair. It’s the first and only Z I have ever owned so I don’t know whether I should offer less or if the $4600 is reasonable. Photos are of the vehicle before I sold it and video is from this past Monday. I regrettably didn’t take detailed photos of the current rust situation but you can see some of where it started in the last two photos and some from the video. A484A099-4DA1-42BE-B7D9-7352EA658176.MOV
  8. So I've been battling water leaks on my Z for the past few months. First is was the duct for the fresh air to the blower motor in the cowl which had rusted. I needed to cut the "floor" of the cowl around the duct and weld in a new baseplate. Then it was coming in through the bottom of the passenger side door; fixed that. Now it's coming through the firewall itself. I've never heard of someone patching a firewall so I don't know if that's an option. I need some help guys. Any advice?
  9. Thanks. I know I don't need flares but I want them, and yeah I know I'll need bigger spacers too.
  10. I just installed a set of the 15x9 0 offset Shakotan's and I love them. I went with a set of 205/50 Dunlop Direzza Sport Star Specs... Just needs a drop and fender flares IMO. *I'm on Tokico shocks and springs and they won't fit without spacers however. I used the only spacers Pepboys sold and I'm not sure what size they are but I had to slightly hammer in the outside edge of the spring perches to get the tires to clear.
  11. Yeah I would think the hks would be pretty loud. Could drone be dealt with by installing a resonator? Or do you think the drone is do to the size of the case?
  12. I'm looking to get a magnaflow round muffler for my 2.5in exhaust. I'm going to be running it without a cat and I'm trying to figure out what size casing diameter, 4, 5, 6, or 7 inches.
  13. Man this stirred up quite a discussion. I think this was the most replies and of my threads have ever gotten lol. But thanks again for everyone's feedback, it was all very helpful.
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