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SDS and AEM Wideband

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I have a em6f on my rb25 and the AEM Wideband O2 with the analog dial gauge. Problem is the dial and the readout on the SDS are about a point off??? The gauge said it was calibrated before it left the factory. And when I used to have the Digital readout AEM gauge I never "noticed" any difference. Anyone seen this?

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I'm having this issue with Megasquirt on a car. I just tuned around it.

I've considered reprogramming the output on my LM-1 to get the 2 to match up. I don't know if your gauge has programmable outputs though.


One thing to try is to ground the gauge and it's output ground on the same place as your EFI ground.

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I found out that the AEM wideband w/ the analog gauge will not work with SDS and probably a few other things. The digital readout AEM will. AEM in their vast knowledge decided to take out the ability to vary the output scale on the analog readout gauge. On the digital readout one there is a dial to select the scale. So I guess I will have to get the digital one...

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