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  1. I have the SDS on my rb25det, just mounted the magnets on the crank pulley. Just unplug the CAS and remove it.
  2. I have a RB25det running SDS EFI standalone. I have had the car on the road for almost 3 years without ever hooking up the VCT and it ran great. I finally decided to hook up the VCT trying to get a little bit better spool/midrange power. I am using a summit racing RPM window switch to control it (right now it is on at 1100 and of at 4500 which is about factory specs). The problem is that when the VCT turns off as the rpms fall down to idle, the engine stumbles badly and then dies. A/F values do not seem out of wack, but it just dies. I kind of feel like as the VCT turns off the transitio
  3. Is the diff mounted dead on center or is it set off to one side? And I understand the 3 deg but is that the physcial angle of the engine or is it the operating angle of the joint (i.e. the angle between the 2 sides of the u joint which in this case is the output/input flange of diff or tranny in relation to the driveshaft)? right now I am at 2.5 deg down on the trans and 2.3 deg up on the diff. I am running the STI diff with stock mustache bar (w/ stock bushings) and an RT mount diff mount. I am starting to wonder if the engine is set off to one side or something. Is there a good way to
  4. Does anyone with know what the stock driveline angles are in the s30? I have been battling a vibration in my rb swapped s30 for over a year now and have had it! I am 1 more try away from just dropping the car off somewhere. So if someone could measure their stock angles (someone with no vibration hopefully), I have the RT diff mount so I have adjustability. I am getting vibration at 60 mph and above that it is just growling from the rear with this high speed vibration. Please help!
  5. I have the Subaru STI rear in my s30 w/ rb25 and I love it! Used the Beta Motorsports adapters. My is about 375-400 whp, but is a street car in every way. The weak spot in this set up is the halfshafts. If you are going to be drag racing a lot, and trying to launch with those 275 tires (looks sick by the way) you are going to need do some sort of a CV swap with whatever diff you choose.
  6. dizzle

    SDS and AEM Wideband

    I found out that the AEM wideband w/ the analog gauge will not work with SDS and probably a few other things. The digital readout AEM will. AEM in their vast knowledge decided to take out the ability to vary the output scale on the analog readout gauge. On the digital readout one there is a dial to select the scale. So I guess I will have to get the digital one...
  7. I had a sticky spring on my BOV that caused the same thing. Once the BOV loosened up it went away though.
  8. Dear god man, that is a lot of AN fittings!!! Do you have any problems with smoking from the exhaust with the catch can vented to the exhaust? I know they do that in race cars to create vacuum under the piston down stroke and "hyper" seal the rings. But I thought it resulted in extra smoke coming from the exhaust and excess wear? Never tried it so I don't know. Did you test how much vac you are pulling with it running? Build looks great! Wish I had a TIG welder and a little more skill:(
  9. Not to thread jack, but is there a real benefit to running the pcv from the valve cover to the intake manifold? I just have a breather filter on it and the ports of the top of the valve covers to a catch can.
  10. Yeah sorry for the cell phone pics... I got my Holset hx35, I am waiting for the new t3 single scroll turbine housing and the polished compressor housing. Can't wait to see how it spools on the rb25! Just in time to put the car away for the winter...
  11. The timing belt idler pulley bolt sheared off in the block. I have read about it happening to a few people. God only knows how the japanese throw these things into a shipping container? Look at all of our crank pulleys that are always cracked to hell:)
  12. I have a em6f on my rb25 and the AEM Wideband O2 with the analog dial gauge. Problem is the dial and the readout on the SDS are about a point off??? The gauge said it was calibrated before it left the factory. And when I used to have the Digital readout AEM gauge I never "noticed" any difference. Anyone seen this?
  13. This was my first and only Z I've owned. And of course the first thing I did was search engine swaps and found Hybridz.org. I have been working on this car for 3 years now, and pretty much everything I learned about this car was with hybridZ help. So I figured I would finally stop trolling the boards and post up my build pics. MOD LIST 73'240z Engine -RB25det series 1 -RB20det trans w/ custom driveshaft -ACT HD clutch and Pressure Plate -Custom made exhaust manifold -Garrett T3/T4 60 trim turbo (HX35 coming soon) -ISIS Intake manifold (port matched) -Q
  14. The 370z isn't mine, but I had to put them next to each other for a pic. It was at our Z drive that day, I was the only s30.
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