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Clear markers/signals/tailights...?


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A friend of mine stumbled upon something interesting that had us thinking. thinking led to research, research lead to questions. and now the questions must be asked.


are there clear markers/turnsignals availible for the S-130. MSA's page says 70-83 but when you get to the page that actually has the lights its only S30s listed...


next question... Who would want some?


We've found the materials and equipment to make them from scratch, but the cost effectiveness/amount of materials well exceeds whats feesable for making only a couple sets.


If there are a few others out there who would be interested in the possibility of buying some, we'll go ahead and make the investment and begin the mold making process and see what happens. I can tell you the cost would be lower than the $100/set that MSA has theirs listed for as we're just looking for a little help cusioning the wallets, not trying to make money.


we're definatly planning the side markers and turn signals, as well as the possibility of full tailight lenses (early) in clear (euro style).



if no one is interested, or if the parts are availible somewhere please dis reguard.

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I was involved in setting up the klearz lens build several years ago. Sorry to hear that they are no longer available. I bought the smoked lens all around. I'll post pictures tonight. I never mounted the taillight lens though, it came cracked.


Actually, you can see them in the second picture in the attached slide show. My 280zxt is pictured on the left.



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If the S130 lenses come out good we MAY start S-30 parts as I have a '78 I can use for mold purposes but that doesn't entirely help the guys with the early cars...


more will be determined later as we're still awaiting the arrival of the goods before we can really start.

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we've made a lot of progress learning the materials and building molds, we've been learning using micro machine sized objects to use as little material expirimenting as possible. we think we're ready to start with the actual project soon but a death in the family has slowed us down. we should be back at it soon

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well we have finally been able to get things back up and running...


this is the first casting out of our first actual lens mold






we know we have some flaws yet, our current syestem wasnt able to hold proper pressure for bubble removal however the remedy is on its way.


I know its hard to see because its clear but if you look hard enough the original number printing is perfectly reproduced

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