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R200 Differential to Drive Shaft Connection

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Back on the car after a layoff and working on the R200 Differential to Drive Shaft Connection. This topic has been discussed over the years but I figure a current review couldn't hurt. There are many ways to do this but this is the route I chose. I have a R200 from a 1989ZX with 3.54 gears with an open carrier. A few years back I went in on the group purchase and got the revised clutch carrier to make it a LSD. I also have a 1999 drive shaft from a Camaro that I will be shortening to fit the Z with the LS1/T56 combo. I will be using both yokes from that drive shaft. (One can buy the flange from JTR for $65 but I found a cheaper source, see below.)


I removed the 280ZX differential flange and installed the 300ZX differential flange that I got from a wrecking yard. I had to hunt for the flange and many did not want to remove it as they wanted me to buy the entire unit. I also wanted the beefier 300ZX flange w/10mm holes and I could not find the correct 280ZX Spicer U-Joint flange to make the conversion. I had spent enough time on this and had to move-on. JTR has the flange but being a cheap SOB I went a different route. The key for me was to find the correct Spicer U-joint conversion flange and I found it at Northern Drivetrain. In the past some have used the 1819 flange but that part is now obsolete. I took a chance on the 1309 flange and it fits PERFECT to the 300ZX differential flange. Below is a picture of the assembly and a summary of the parts used. The bolts are just temporary as I will have to use 10mm socket head bolts for the final assembly. The U-joint is a conversion joint that allows one to go from Chevy to Ford components. The Chevy is a S44 U-joint and the Ford is a 1310. This stuff has been used for decades and like I said there are numerous combinations to make this connection work. I wanted to make use of the parts I already have for this build.


Parts used to make the conversion:


#1 38210-Y0800-300ZX Flange (Nissan) Nissan Parts Zone ($53.95) I got one from a wrecking yard

#2 SPI-2-1309 Flange Yoke (Northern Drivetrain) ($34.24)

#3 910-48317 U-Joint Chevy to Ford (Speedway Motors) S44/1301 conversion ($19.99)

#4 1999 Chevy Drive Shaft U-joint yoke. Standard S44 joint. (Removed from drive shaft)


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I am confused. In your post you mention the part number for the z31 diff flange as 38210-y0800 then in your next post is the image. The #1 in the image looks like 38210-10v00 to me ie the round flange with the square bolt pattern--- see here for info on the 2 type of z31 driveshaft and diff flange setup. http://www.xenonz31....eshaftinfo.html

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