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  1. I have been absent from this forum for a number of years - I am close to Ross age and this is very sad news. As someone sitting at the bottom of the world in New Zealand Ross was great to deal with, I purchased a number of parts over the years from Ross for a number of Zed I have owned - in fact Ross was the first international part purchase I did using the internet many many years ago not long after he first started up MML - always replying to my contact in good time I never had any issues in deal with Ross and MML. Very sad to hear of this news. I only just found out by looking for parts for
  2. i have 2 sets of the factory rings and have been looking for new lenses for a while can't wait until the lens are available. I will take 2sets of the lenses
  3. Thanks guys got all the info I need on the FIA setup wanting to know more about the other options available in period ie the Lockheed and Airheart/Hurst options that Datsun Competition USA where offering.
  4. Hi all, Looking for info, specs and photos of the period setup Datsun Competition USA sold back in period. This is what I know. Partnumber are listed on number of books eg "How to Hot Rod and Race your Datsun" and the Datsun Competition Parts Catalogs. Going by part number the same size rotor was used front and rear and it was 11.5" however I can't find specs on how wide it was. Also there were a few options for the calipers 1. The Airheart/Hurst Caliper setup 2. The AP Caliper setup 3. The FIA Caliper and rotor setup I know the FIA Caliper setup used differen
  5. Interesting you say that - I recall seeing a pic of that too. I have recently read the FIA HTP Appendix K rules and it states the following So I guess the original supplier = Sumitomo. The original part is the MK63 which uses 4 x 41.3 pistons and a 104mm pad. So the replica part is from the original supplier aka Sumitomo it is a 4 pot 42.8mm and 105mm pad. I guess the FIA is technically ok with that then as close enough given both are cast iron etc.
  6. I am going to be running a RB on triple carbs...when I get a round to working the car again. With regards to the timing I have a few options/ideas that I will work on. 1 a dizzy setup. For this I plan to get a RB30e dizzy and strip that and see if I can mate that with the cas. 2. Use the electromotive xdi crank trigger wasted spark. 3. Use a microsquirt with crank trigger and 3 external coil drivers in wasted spark mode. This does also give the option of going to efi via batch injection.
  7. I am confused. In your post you mention the part number for the z31 diff flange as 38210-y0800 then in your next post is the image. The #1 in the image looks like 38210-10v00 to me ie the round flange with the square bolt pattern--- see here for info on the 2 type of z31 driveshaft and diff flange setup. http://www.xenonz31....eshaftinfo.html
  8. wow I posted about this 2 years earlier...just all my pictures in my post went south and as the post was so old I could not go back and edit the post to update the image links. Here is the thread I posted my findings just with out pictures:( http://forums.hybrid...ssue/page_st_60 See post 61 (the images are there still just the thumbnail images have been lost...) One thing that is different is I found WD21 aka your pathfinder and the Nissan Terrano V6 I got my donor axles from did not have tripod joints on either end. I only found the tripod on the 3x2 end of the Terrano TD27 power vehicles
  9. Old thread but thought I would say I recently ordered a new LD28 pump from Nissan - it came from Nissan in Japan to the local dealership here in Auckland NZ. First it was very very $$ but it is 100% the correct item, new in the box with the larger cast impeller shown above in the post by ozconnection. So they can still be had from Nissan as I recently got one.
  10. might be a little off topic, if a new head was to be cast why has no body mensioned a re cast of the LY heads or the also very rare FIA L6 heads, as both of these type of heads were used in period by Nissan and this would allow them to be used in classic/historical racing classes. Ok there a few sticking points, first you have get hold of one of these rare items then after selling all you internal organs for it then you have to cut it up so you can model it. Now you have to sell your limbs so you can get it recast.....so this is why it has not happened
  11. Pete, good to see you RB/L6 hybrid posted on here. I would love one of your kits but with my recent purchase that will have to wait. I would love to see if the setup could be chain driven however that has a number of issue in is self, or how about gear driven now that would very different. I know us downunder are lucky to have RB30's and I see those kits for those not so lucky that have a plate and new liners to get the extra block height has anyone done that/thought of doing the same to the L6 blocks? I have said this before (can't remember which forum now) but kiwi cylinde
  12. I am interested to know how much brake clearance there is on the RK-R I like the sizing 15x8 +10 (ET10)
  13. wow 3 weeks and I have not gone out to the shed..... can't wait for the weather to warm up a bit here. Well my setup is not for a/c but that should be easy to do if that is what you want. I need to get this job done and ticked off the list.
  14. Ok I got the AirCon amplifier that controls the actuator that hooks into the water tap (and the blend/air mixing door on the factory later model Nissan's). I have traced out the wiring and got the actuator working using a cable to open close the stock water tap. So all actuators are installed/mounted, I need to tidy up the looms for each part then I will paint up the brackets and document the install with pictures and a write up.
  15. Well it has been a while. It is winter here now and the race season is over so I have been back out to the shed. I am almost complete with my later model Nissan control conversion. I have mounted the recycle actuator and that works perfect. I have mounted another of the standard recycle actuators on the foot/cabin doors and that works perfect. And I have mounted the standard actuator (which on the donor car does Vent, Vent/foot (aka bi-level), Foot, Foot/Def and Def aka 5 positions) to the standard blend door. I have had to alter the control circuit so the standard actuator works j
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