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I have been slowly becoming more and more fond of this site and am starting to see why sides are drawn. You guys are much more welcoming and helpful. Plus the VQ swap has already been done over here (which saddens me as I am no longer unique, but now I can get pointers).


So many thanks from a humble Noob.

From what i've seen on this site, there isn't too many engine options that haven't bee done before. RB, SR VQ, ford v8 chevy v8.  I've seen guys pondering putting VW diesel engines on some threads.  I don't think i've seen a cummings swap yet but there is probably one out there. That is the nature of Hybridz..  Glad you got the rest of the bolts out.  As far as moving the thread. I think you just start a new thread and possibly put the link to it as your ending post in this one would be my guess.

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