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  1. the vin # is attached to the dash you will need to swap them which may be illegal


    Do you think this motor can be intergrated into original 240Z wiring like the more popular Honda motor. I Iike the idea of a Lexus motor
  3. I have R100's in a 72 240Z. I just drilled a couple holes in the stock sliders and bam perfect
  4. Anyone one familiar with Speedhut gauges wiring on the 2JZ VVTI trying to hook up the tach. It looks like the wire I need to splice is missing or am I wrong. Also what type of adapter do I need for the oil pressure gauge
  5. Grant car show swap meat $40 steal https://youtu.be/2eFIreTdQGI
  6. And here is the finished product from Petrolwerks in Lindenhurst New York And my new project Speedhut gauge install
  7. Time for a little update been a while needless to say I did need a new engine after all so my journey began with that in mind I started weighing my options turns out to get the kind of power that I wanted out of a three liter I would have spent a little bit under what I've spent so far. My first thought for a swap was VQ didn't want to do that because it's a v6 although the weight balance would have been great its non turbo. The next obvious option what is of course the almighty RB26. Way too expensive along the way of the build and serviceable parts are not readily available gotta order them
  8. Bump had one shop lost it so now looking again some one PLEASE help
  9. I have a question where did you tap into for your 12 volt Hotwire? Can I wire all of them together into one source what do they all need to have their own source. I have empty space on a painless wiring fuse box should I just tap into that also what wire did you tap into for your light source. I'm a Complete noob at wiring
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